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FRA M: Disaster in Narbonne!

by WoV
source: midilibre.fr

Big name of European volleyball and captain of Narbonne Volley, Renaud Herpe, decided to leave the team after Brazilian Marcilio who sued Narbonne is back in the lineup.



“For me to enter the court with someone who has declared war with the club is absolutely out of the question! I have nothing more to do here”, Herpe explains as he empties his locker “It’s not Marcilio who I have problem with, it’s the Narbonne’s board members who do not know what they are doing. To keep the player who is doing things that may hurt the team is beyond me. My decision is final!” Herpe concluded.

Whole thing happened during the warm-up in a game versus Cannes. “I had plenty time to think during the warm-up and when I realised that Marcilio will played, my decision was clear. I took of my shirt and that was it. It’s not about contracts or anything material, but as a captain when I fight, I have to trust those around me. It’s a stab in the back for sure. I feel betrayed.”

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