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SCANDAL! Ngapeth received racial insults after win against Serbia

by WoV
source: facebook.com/Earvin Ngapeth; Photo: volleyverse.com

Earvin Ngapeth is the hero of France! He wasn’t the most efficient player in his national team in the win against Serbia, but he was definitely the most combative.

Ngapeth FB

Ngapeth FB

Some Serbian fans obviously found French victory at Eurovolley 2015 quarterfinals difficult. Ngapeth has received several insulting messages after the last night’s game, some of them were racial slurs.

Ngapeth FB1

Ngapeth FB1

One of those messages (all came from a same guy) was „F… your black family, black monkey“. You can read the other insults below as Ngapeth did a screenshot of them.

„I’m fed up! Following our victory against Serbia here is the message I received and as you can see from the dates, it did not start today. I am mixed, Cameroonian-French and proud of it. I never stopped to wear blue jersey (jersey of French NT) with honor and pride. After our qualification, I wanted to share with you moments of joy and happiness, but tonight I can’t. The situation is too serious and I prefer to emphasize that all that racism really exists. I am one of those French-African race mixed athletes who will fight until my last breath,“ Ngapeth commented on the insults via his Facebook profile.


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