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FRA M: Prosecutor requests 3-month suspended prison sentence for Ngapeth!

by WoV
source: lequipe.fr; Photo: notey.com

The prosecution requested a three-month suspended prison sentence against Earvin Ngapeth for alleged assault on a train controller upon players’ return from the FIVB World League Finals, in July, 2015.



The Frenchman from Italian DHL Modena was heard today at the trial that started in the Court of First Instance in Paris and was accused of hitting a controller and of obstructing the train traffic by blocking the door of the train. Ngapeth admitted he was “very angry”, but denied hitting the controller.

“It’s always the same with you, he (controller) has told us (to me and my brother). I replied – I’m not a hooligan, I just want to go home,” Ngapeth said in his defense.

“If there was no punch, how did the controller had a seven millimeters wound (above the right eyebrow) and a bruise around the eye?” the President of the court questioned.

Ngapeth’s lawyer requested the release for his client, pointing out on “too many inconsistencies and contradictions even among the other controllers who gave four different versions of a incident.”

Besides the suspended prison sentence, the prosecutor requested a fine of 3,000 euros plus 1,000 euros for obstructing the train traffic. The process against Ngapeth will be continued on April 4.


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The Hoff February 23, 2016 - 2:27 am

And the ‘hit and run’ incident in Modena still goes to court as well, i assume. Being lawyer of Ngapeth seems to be a profitable job…….


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