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ECH W: Poland survive in five-set thriller, Ganszcyk and Skowronska heroes!

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Poland survived! Kamila Ganszcyk and Kasia Skowronska were at high level in decisive moments against Belarus and pushed the team to the quarterfinals after five-set thriller at Eurovolley!



Belarus started match better and had lead until the middle of the first set. Then, Polish girls woke up and started playing volleyball from another plane. Quickly they made 19:12 advantage and there was no chance for Belarus to make comeback. Anna Werblinska was the player who gave 1:0 lead to Poland!

Polish girls continued with a good display in the second set. The girls from Belarus couldn’t find any solution for high mood players from Poland. Nawrocki’s side like in the first set, made a huge advantage (20:11) and rival simply didn’t manage to make comeback. Polish girls ended set with 12 points of advantage!

Belarus didn’t want to surrender that easy. Poland thought that they will have an easy job even in the third part of the game but it didn’t happen. Belarus started playing very good, created huge advantage at the middle of the set (13:7) and Poland simply couldn’t recover from this shock. NAwrocki tried with time-outs, but it was too late.

Polish girls couldn’t recover from shock in the third set and Belarus took that opportunity. They again had a good display and managed to tie the score. Turning point was at the result 23:20, when referee gave a point to Poland. The girls from Belarus asked for video check and they were right (24:20). There was no chance for Nawrocki’s side to turnaround the score.

It started good for Poland in the tie break (3:1), but Belarus quickly answered back and at the short break they went with three points of advantage 8:5! Huge problem for Poland was an injury of Anna Werblinska. She went out of the court in pain…

After a good serve and a good block, Poland managed to tie the score. Kasia Skowronska was the player who gave Poland even the lead 11:10 and 12:11! And then Kamila Ganszcyk set up a great wall and with two huge blocks gave her team three match points! Belarus saved first, but Kasia Skowronska pushed Poland to the quarterfinals in another attack, where they will meet Netherlands!

Top scorers: Skowronska 31, Pycia 18, Werblinska 18 – Kovalchuk 19, Harelik 13.

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