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POL: Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism – plans for the period 2012-2015

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The Ministry of Sport and Tourism will spend at least 26 million zł for a program of promoting sports among children and adolescents. Joanna Mucha, Minister of Sport and Tourism, at a joint press conference with Miroslaw Przedpełskiego, President of the Polish Volleyball Federation and Waldemar the Magnificent, the head of the project, presented the foundation of this innovative program in the country.


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For years, Polish volleyball players and volleyball players succeed on the world’s biggest events, but also we must think about the future. We want to fulfill the dreams of children and young people and this project will help us to achieve it. We want to educate future champions. We believe that our volleyball school centers will become a hotbed of young talents and education of future volleyball champions“,  said Mirosław Przedpełski, the President of the Polish Volleyball Federation.

The program is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Volleyball Federation. This pioneering and innovative project in the country will start on the 1st of September 2012, in 128 schools in Poland.

The most important part of the project is the establishment of female and male volleyball School Centres in each province. Each center will consist of three lower secondary schools and one secondary level, where students will be trained in classes 1-3. In total, the training scheme will cover 128 schools in sports classes, a total of nearly 4.5 thousands of young volleyball players and volleyball players”, emphasized Minister Joanna Mucha.

Each Volleyball School Centre will have modern training equipment, with qualified training personnel and the competition system between schools that qualify for the program.

The project is implemented with the support of local government units.  Their contribution exceeds 1.8 million zł. For this task the program, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism allocated more than 11 million zł” said Minister Joanna Mucha.

A related and equally important part of the project is the training program for education of teachers, trainers and coaches working with children and young people. Based on the single program, it will be forwarded to coaches and introduced throughout the country. The aim is to unify the training programs. The rise of the program and lesson plans for PE volleyball for primary schools, middle schools and high schools, educational materials, including books by the best Polish and foreign coaches will be distributed. It should be emphasized that this is the first of its kind project for trainers in the country.

We will establish a modern, online educational platform for PE teachers, instructors, coaches, players and athletes and clubs involved in teaching children and youth volleyball. Stationary training will be organized for trainers School volleyball centers, and trainers working in youth clubs, volleyball and select group of PE teachers”, says Waldemar Wspaniały, the head of the project.

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