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SRB M: Nikola Grbić remains head coach of Serbia!

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source: WP SportoweFakty/Ola Piskorska; Photo: cev.lu

Nikola Grbić handed over his resignation after failing to reach the Olympic Games 2016, however the Serbian Volleyball Federation did not accept it. They want Grbić to stay until the end of 2020!

Grbic and Placi

Grbic and Placi

Serbian men’s national team have failed to qualify to the Olympic Games for the first time since 1992. It was certainly a big blow both for this volleyball nation and for their new head coach Nikola Grbić. Legendary player has immediately handed over his resignation to the Serbian Volleyball Federation, but it was not accepted!

“Yes, I have sent my resignation to Aleksandar Boričić, because I did not fulfill a task he entrusted me with. However, he just waived his head and said – ‘Stop kidding, I do not accept your resignation, You are staying until Tokyo 2020.’ Of course, if the team is not playing well and not acquiring good results then I will leave before that, because the most important thing for me is the welfare of our national team,” said Grbić in the interview for WP SportoweFakty.

Serbian head coach added that he still needs much to learn in the world of coaching.

“I feel volleyball, I know all about volleyball, and yet I still need to learn much as a coach. Because, it is not the same to be a player and a coach. I see it clearly now. I always start from myself. Immediately after that failure in Berlin, I started wondering what was the problem. The most simple solution was pointing out to the players and stating that they did not play good. But, we were all together there. And they cannot change their game, if I do not change something in my approach.”

Read the full interview with Nikola Grbić on the following LINK.  


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dee jae February 13, 2016 - 3:48 am

its not the coach its about the players they look lost and overthinking inside the court, i think they should start having a young national team that they can train to target to 2020 olympics

Mila February 13, 2016 - 11:45 am

Serbia had a lot of good young players 5-6 years before while junior and youth teams were winning euro and world medals. Now all this players play for the A national team and junior players now are very weak and not for A team. The future of male volleyball is very bad now and it will ne even worse…


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