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Hot but very emotional Duygu Bal (PHOTOS)

by WoV
source: voleybolextra.com, Photo: Ahmet Unver

Duygu Bal will be one of the participants in the Survivor and she openly said that she is ready for the place where it will be many fights, different opinions etc.

For one of the famous Turkish magazine, Duygu has made a few amazing photos and in the interview she said “The life was cruel for me but I`m still very optimistic”.




Duygu 2


Duygu 3


Duygu 4

Her parents have separated before eight or nine years ago and before two months ago her mother unexpected had a heart attack and died.

In the interview for the Turkish magazine she said that all of these things affected on her and she was emotionally broken but still goes strong through life. Also she said that she likes fashion and loves to look beautiful so for sure she will be one of the most beautiful competitors in the Turkish “Survivor”.


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