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TUR W: Fenerbahce Rehires Skowronska?

by WoV
source: volleywood.net

The former Yellow Angel is reportedly in talks to wear her Fenerbahce uniform again within the next few weeks. Katarzyna Skowronska is now playing in China. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.


Kasia Skowronska

But isn’t Kasia playing in China with Coach Lang Ping, Costagrande and Kim Glass? Yes she is! But Fenerbahce has the $$$ to pay Kasia’s team, Evergrande, to borrow her for the rest of the season. Fenerbahce can also buy out Kasia’s contract if the other team agrees.

As we all know, money talks in volleyball.

With Fenerbahce obviously struggling this season in the Turkish League, Kim Yeon Koung must be very happy to hear this rumor that another superstar from Poland will help the team rise above the ashes.

There’s one player getting the pink slip and she’s none other than Mari. Mari is NOT in top condition and she’s unfortunately failing to meet the expectations of the coaching staff. Sad. Mari just can’t get a break. She had a well publicized story versus Coach Guimaraes and now here comes another storm forming over her struggling career.

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