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Shoulder stretches

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Shoulders can be stretched in several ways. Here are some stretches that can be done standing or sitting at a desk. Read more volleyball news on worldofvolley.com.


Shoulder stretches

Shoulder Stretch 1

This first exercise stretches the posterior deltoid muscle, as well as the triceps muscle.

Right Hand to Left Shoulder

First, bring your right hand to your left shoulder, with elbow elevated.

Press into the Right Elbow

Then, using your left palm, press into the right elbow, stretching the shoulder. Hold for a few moments. Repeat with the arms in the opposite positions.

Shoulder Stretch 2

Our next shoulder stretch involves the muscles under the arm.

Arm over Head

First, bring your arm over your head.

Pull towards the Opposite Side

Then, gently hold your elevated elbow with the opposite hand, and pull towards the opposite side. Hold for a few moments, then repeat on other side.

Shoulder Stretch 3

Below is a stretch to open up the front of both shoulders at once.

Interlocking Fingers with Elbows Bent

First, interlock your fingers behind your back, with your elbows bent. Your neck should be straight and relaxed.

Straighten Your Elbows

Then, gently straighten your elbows and stretch in front of your shoulders. Do not get out of this position quickly. Hold for a few moments. This posture helps to undo the shoulder forward slumping position people get over time, due to job, stress, poor posture, etc. Note the chin is tucked, not jutting. Contrast the position of the fronts of the shoulders in both photos.

Shoulder Stretch 4

Here’s a great exercise to relax the shoulders.

Shoulders Down

Start with the shoulders down.

Shoulders Up

Then bring the shoulders up towards the ears. Hold this posture for a count of three.

Shoulders Down Again

Then drop the shoulders straight down, by letting go of the tension that you held the shoulders with in the first picture. Ahh, doesn’t that feel good?

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