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Shoulder Volleyball stretching flexibility exercises (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: Elasticsteel - youtube channel

​Volleyball is a total body commitment. However a player can't participate if the shoulder is not at it's optimum. Want to dominate the court?

You must have full range of motion in both shoulders to function at the optimum level. While lower body flexibility significantly improves performance, upper body flexibility is an absolute must.The most obvious range required in volleyball is shoulder flexion or an ability to bring the arms directly overhead.

There are others as well. The shoulder must rotate in and out and allow for horizontal arm action. Why is it than that so little stretching is done in volleyball training. Well, it’s not.

While most high school students and weekend warrior, just run a few laps and go into the game, in college and in the pro’s things are done differently. College players usually undergo at least some stretching programs. Professionals often do trainer or therapist assisted stretching. Each player is a valuable addition to the team, and everything is done to keep them healthy and in top form. This includes stretching.

Due the unpredictability of volleyball, the players arms can be in any possible position. If the range of motion is not there, points could be lost or worst. A player can injure the shoulder. For this reason flexible shoulders are a must. Our program develops quick volleyball specific shoulder flexibility. At the same time, strength exercises are included. These exercise help to retain the flexibility and protect the shoulder in vulnerable position.


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