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Volleyball coaches: Make 7 your lucky number

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ITA M: Trentino to hire bombastic duo for next season – Lucarelli and Abdel Aziz!

Re: @Suisse Kovacevic is a very unique type of player. Lefty, look and move awkwardly, but somehow get the job done. He is struggling with injuries for the last few months but I wouldn't count him off. Don't forget that he was the one selected as the best outside hitter of the last Italian championship along with Leon.

Perugia has 8 foreigners, 4 can be on the court per regulations. Leon, De Cecco, Atanasijevic and Podrascanin are current four. De Cecco is not the calibre of setter required for the top. Podrascanin is not playing as he used to do, not sure if it's age-related since he is only 33. They can make room for Russell if they want.
Not sure why are you keep mentioning Milan who is in the second tier of Italian championship along with Verona, Ravenna, Padova. Big four are Lube, Modena, Trentino and Perugia. Modena is raising their game, 3 US national team members plus Zaytsev and Bednorz are playing better and better. They will be the biggest contender for the title beside Lube.