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INTERVIEW: Vasja Samec for WoV – „Coaches should more think about how to teach the players“

I would like to ask Mr. Samec what does he mean with 'teaching'? What does he know about teach technic/tactics? Where on his team game do I look for changes from the beginning of the season last season? It's very simple to operate with big words out of the gym and interviews as this one. To be able to teach you need to understand what teaching is? Reply

VNL 2019 W: Lippmann highlights Germany in 5-set win against Brazil, USA overcome slow start to beat South Korea at home

Chronic right knee problem for Natália Zilio is not good news for a long season ahead with Ecz. Reply

VNL 2019 M: FIVB imposes 4-game ban on Brazil head coach Renan

Cause Simon didnt do anything wrong, Thats a matter between clubs, he didnt receive any money after he leaves, so how can he pays 300k for leaving, Lube wanted to negotiate with Sada but brasilians are stupid people, didnt wanted to hear anything and well Simon wanted to go. End of discussion, if Fivb didnt do something is cause he is innocent and Sada didnt have nothing, keep crying, que o seu timeco ta um lixo já. Reply