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Ivan Miljković’s Insights on Volleyball, Business, and Success

by WoV
source: Linkedin/Ivan Miljkovic
Photo: Linkedin/Ivan Miljkovic

Ivan Miljković, one of the biggest names in volleyball in the last three decades, shared interesting insights from a conversation with his former volleyball teammate, who has transitioned successfully into the corporate world, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and the striking parallels between the teamwork and quick decision-making required in both volleyball and business. He advocates for readiness, adaptability, leadership by example, and empowerment as key elements for success, drawing from his sports experience to inspire excellence and resilience in the corporate sphere.

Here’s what he posted: “Recently, I had a profound conversation with an old teammate from my volleyball days in Italy, Jack. Now, he’s making waves in the corporate world, helping organizations thrive through the relentless pursuit of never-stop learning. Jack, thanks for enriching my perspective!

Our chat delved into the fascinating connection between sports, particularly volleyball, and the dynamic realm of business. Volleyball, a sport where split-second decisions are vital, mirrors the rapid pace of decision-making in today’s agile business environment. The ball must be passed within moments, demanding quick thinking amidst various variables – a reflection of the agility required in the corporate world.

The question that has echoed throughout my career, and continues to resonate, is: “Are you ready?” My response as always is “Born ready!” Embrace being ready at all times, bouncing forward in moments of crisis, just like on the volleyball court. Be agile, motivated to contribute, and proactive, even in the face of uncertain rewards. Adaptability, combined with resilience, is the key.

Drawing parallels between sports and business, I’ve learned that success is a team effort. In volleyball, it’s the entire team working together that secures a win. Similarly, in the business world, collaboration and collective effort drive projects to successful completion. Be the driving force, and when the scoreboard shows 24:17 for the opponent, be the one who rallies the team to bounce forward. Even if it looks impossible.

Being an example is pivotal. Speak less, do more. Athletes look up to team leaders and aspire to emulate their success. Be a leader who not only talks about success but actively contributes to it. In the corporate arena, be the star that not only shines individually but also nurtures new stars within the team.

Empowerment is the key to enduring success. Just as a coach guides athletes through challenging times, be the guiding force for your team in the business world. Give space for growth, offer mentorship, especially during challenging moments. In doing so, you become the catalyst for creating a legacy of success.

Be born ready, bounce forward, and inspire others to become the stars they aspire to be.”

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