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WoV BLOG: Advantages and disadvantages of using basketball shoes in volleyball

by WoV
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Many volleyball players like to play using basketball shoes. We were wondering what are the benefits and why they decide to take such a step.

Kobe Basketball shoes

Kobe Basketball shoes

In conversation with some players, we concluded that some basketball shoes provide ankle support and provide the stability that is needed while landing after the jump.

However, there are some disagreements about the basketball shoes. Many of them found them to be heavy and cumbersome.

Let’s first summarize the advantages of wearing basketball sneakers for volleyball:

– provide ankle stability

– lightweight

– comfort

– lateral support


– can be heavy

– difficult for volleyball movements

Of course, it’s all about personal preferences. Many volleyball players agree that running shoes are definitely not for volleyball because they are usually designed for forward movement.

If you are an adherent of basketball shoes or are still in doubt about choosing the right shoes, then you can use this guide to make the right decision. Since the use of comfortable shoes is the key to success and future victory.

What you prefer more – volleyball or basketball shoes?


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