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EXCLUSIVE: N’Gapeth could play in France!

by WoV
source: lanouvellerepublique.fr

Guess what are we writing about today? Of course it's the amazing "bad boy" Earvin N'Gapeth.


Swan N’Gapeth (4)

After his departure from Kemerovo, it has been speculated that Earvin will play for Poitiers in the French amateur league.

It’s very hard to believe that Earvin will be there for a long time but it’s good to at least know where he is. L’Equipe first found out that N’Gapeth may play for Poitiers.

Main reason for him staying in Poitiers is the fact that Earvin’s family – wife and son, are in Poitiers. Not only does his family is in Poitier but his brother Swan N’Gapeth is also playing for the team. We do not know where will Earvin end up, where will he play after this whole situation, but if Kuzbass decides to suspend him for 18 months, maybe Poitier will be his choice. Since Poitier is an amateur club, regulation may allow him to join them.

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