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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: “I want baby” said Manon Flier

by WoV

The 29-year-old Dutch opposite, Manon Flier, is one of the most famous and admired players in the world and without which you can not imagine the national team of the Netherlands. This season she is wearing the jersey of Igtisadchi BAKU and in the summer 2013th she has returned to the NT.


Manon Flier

In exclusive interview for the WorldofVolley she speaks about life in Azerbaijan, her experience from Japan, about her boyfriend, children and many other things, so you must read it. Enjoy!

You have spent a lot of time in Azerbaijan, did you used to food, people…?

“In every country I travel to I like to get to know a little bit about the culture. I’m especially interested in food. So also in Baku I tried a lot of their local dishes. Some I like some I don’t. The people in general are really kind. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to break through their masks though.”- said Manon at the beginning of our interview.

What are your experiences from Japan?

“Playing for a season in Japan was really a great experience. Volleyball is really big there and the fans are amazing! The people from my team, Toray Arrows, were so incredible nice. I still think of them many times. Good memories. But on the other side you can be really lonely there. There is only one foreigner allowed and the lifestyle and rules that come with a busy training/playing schedule are pretty strict.” 

If you could choose, which country will you go next?

I don’t know. I’ll just see whatever comes on my path. Of course I have my preferences, but I like to stay open minded and just see…”

Why don’t you update your website manonflier.org

Hmm… Yeah. I started this website in 2009 I think. I got a lot of nice reactions. At first it wasn’t that hard to keep it up to date. But in time I started to get more and more lazy about updating it. I should post more pictures and tell something about games and stuff. I know that some fans would really like this. I’m just not a big social media fan.”

Netherlands qualified to World Championship; do you consider yourselves as a heavy force in the competition?

“A heavy force…No. Not yet…A couple of weeks ago we did an amazing job qualifying for the WC. We have a young team with a lot of potential. We deserve to be there amongst the strongest teams of the world. Still we got a lot to learn. Therefor this tournament is really important for us. We are growing. Let’s hope it continues like this. Important thing is to keep up the hard work.


Flier and Nummerdor


Is your boyfriend Reinder Nummerdor with you in Baku?

Reinder has come with me from the start of the season. He will be in Baku with me one more month, then he’ll go back to the Netherlands and start his own preparations for the next beach Volleyball season.”

Is baby coming soon?

We definitely want babies. Who knows what the future will bring.

Do you visit WorldofVolley and what do you think about our work?

“Yes I do visit WoV once in a while. But in general I don’t read so much about Volleyball on the web. From what I’ve seen you have a great website! Keep up the good work!”


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