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Thaisa: “Gustavo Endres has always been my idol”

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source: fivb.org; Photo: fivb.org

Brazilian star and the middle blocker of Molico Osasco, Thaisa Menezes, is an example that everybody can become a good player by hard work and big passion for volleyball.

Thaisa Menezes


Almost every little girl who loves volleyball knows the name Thaisa Menezes. The Brazilian national player is one of the most famous players all over the world and a lot of children look up to the 26 years old middle blocker. Thaisa has already won two gold medals at the Olympics, one gold medal at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship, three times gold at FIVB Grand Prix and a lot of individual awards.

However, as every volleyball player, also Thaisa had to learn the basics and to work hard as young girls in her hometown Rio de Janeiro, how the Brazilian national player tells:

“I started to play volleyball thirteen years ago. When I started, I didn’t know anything about it and had to exert myself. I wanted to get better and knew that hard training would be inevitable if I wanted to reach my goal.”

Thaisa stuck to her dream of becoming a volleyball player and exercised hard every day:

I played from two till eight o’clock in the evening against a wall: Reception and smash the whole time. Some of my friends said that it was foolish, but I believed in it and worked hard for my dream.

And the effort bore already early fruits after five months, as the middle blocker remembers:

“I got the chance to play in the selection of Rio de Janeiro, which was a very important opportunity.

Thaisa Menezes has become a big star in international volleyball over the course of time – and even more in her home nation Brazil. The 26 years old middle blocker has been on covers of magazines and on the TV. However, she knows well that this life in the public has also disadvantages:

“There are a lot of photographers taking pictures of me going to the beach or shopping. It isn’t always easy, but I want to separate private and public life as far as I can. I don’t want to be famous, I want to play volleyball.

As famous as Thaisa is for her exceptional game, she’s also known for her two tattoos: “Beijing 2008” and “London 2012” are written on her two underarms. A special story belongs

“It was a hard season before the Olympic games in Beijing and I prayed that we could win this gold medal. I promised to God that I would tattoo it if we made it.” The Brazilian national player suited the action to the world after winning her first gold medal – and did the same after the second victory at the Olympics.

The big star also reveals who is her idol:

I always looked up to Gustavo Endres. It was such an amazing feeling when I saw him for the first time.”

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