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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV (PART 1): Giovanni Guidetti – “VakifBank is more than just a volleyball club”

by WoV

Just before the start of the Gloria Cup 2015, Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of VakifBank, gave a large interview for WorldofVolley. To fully enjoy the speech of excellent coach we divided the text into two parts. In the first one, Giovanni talked about his beginnings is Istanbul and about what does this club represent for him.




“My adventure in VakifBank started with a very bad season. In my first year here we were eliminated in the first round of the Turkish Playoffs from Galatasaray. I remember that I went to the President of the club and said – ‘Thank you very much for the opportunity, but we failed. I wish you a successful next season.’ But his answer stunned me. He said – ‘What are you talking about, next season we will have success together. Now you learned a bit of Turkish mentality and I believe our next year will be better.” And after three years we started winning everything. Two Champions Leagues, one Club’s World Championship, plenty of trophies in Turkey… This is the example which I give to everyone. Any other person would say, you failed so you will go. But, he believed in a long-term project, he knew how continuity in work is important, and we really created something special.”

Guidetti then continued:

“VakifBank is a lot different than other teams in Turkey. First of all we have only volleyball, not like Fenerbahce or Galatasaray who have plenty of sports teams. We have tradition in volleyball and we have a strong base. For example our captain Gozde Sonsirma is in club for more than 10 years! We created more than just a volleyball club, we created family. We are working very hard, I insist that we work harder than other clubs. But, we are doing all of that with passion. I do not know where does it come from, but it is something amazing. All players who left VakifBank were sad to leave, all of them who come are happy to stay here.”

Italian coach revealed why is that so:

“The secret of VakifBank is that club carries a lot of pressure, without creating a pressure. Whoever comes to VakifBank knows that we want to win everything, because we are a great team. But, players also know that even when we lose there is no drama. Never. It is really a pleasure to work here.”

Stay with us, in the second part of the interview Giovanni Guidetti talked about the current season and the previous one. He talked about main rivals in Turkey, then about Canes, final against Dinamo Kazan, how Jovana Brakočević injured her finger…


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