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EXCLUSIVE, Bahar Toksoy for WoV – “Vakifbank is not only a club for me”

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A former player of Vakifbank Bahar Toksoy Guidetti speaks about her departure from Turkish champions, Italy, Scandicci...



After so many years in Vakifbank, how did you feel when you left the team?

With Vakıfbank after so many years I can’t say it was only a club for me. I grew up there and learned there what means high level volleyball. So, of course it was not easy for me to take this decision. But after many years of experience in Turkey I was feeling myself ready for new challenges.”

You certainly have a lot of memories related to Vakifbank. What was your best moment in Vakif?

Of course our first Champions League Cup… Actually that season (2010/2011). I will never forget finishing all season without even losing a match. It was really like a dream.”

Your next destination is Italy. Why did you choose Scandicci?

“Like I said, I was feeling ready for new challenges. And Italy was always in my mind. There was a big chance in front of me so I took it. They are a new club in league and they are really ready for fight and to earn some respect there. I believe I can give something more beside them for this fight so that’s why I chose this team

What is your main goal for the next season?

„I will try my best to be succeed at my new challenge. And give as much as I can give to my team,” concludes Bahar Toksoy for WoV.


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