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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Eda Erdem – “I dream to play at Olympic Games 2020 and end my career in Fenerbahce”

by WoV

She is a real live legend of Fenerbahce – she is Eda Erdem Dundar!

Eda Erdem Dundar


Maybe it’s strange to hear that someone plays for one team almost ten years but for her, that is a privilege. She will for sure play two more seasons with “Yellow Angels” and as she explained in an exclusive interview for WorldofVolley, she will end her playing career in this team.

We think that all you know who is Eda Erdem. A middle blocker who won the Turkish Championship 5 times, the last one in season 2016/2017 when she was named for the best blocker. 

Eda is an owner of two bronze medals at the European Championship and the last one was in 2017 in Azerbaijan and Georgia when the Turkish team finished in the third place after they defeated Azerbaijan 3-1. Eda was among the best seven, she was named for the best blocker of the championship. Here you can check her stats from that competition and many more.

This season Fenerbahce didn’t start well. They lost Supercup and Cup, but in the Championship they are in the second place with only one defeat. 

What will be the success for you and Fenerbahce in this season, since that you lost the chances to win Cup and Supercup?

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Fenerbahçe’s tradition requires being champion in every trophy. Any other results will not be appreciated by the club. That goes for me as well. We have 2 more to go: CEV Champions League and Turkish League.  It will make me proud to be in the finals of both tournaments.” 

What is your goal when we speak about volleyball in general?

As an athlete, I have achieved many trophies. I have reached the honor of being the captain and a medalist both in Turkish National Team and Fenerbahçe. I want to preserve what I have, add some more and during upcoming challenges transfer my experiences to the next generation in the most accurate way. From time to time I also dream of being a part of the national team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (smile).” 

Do you think that Fenerbahce will defend the title in the Turkish championship and in your opinion who will be the main opponent for the title? 

This season is different than the others as there had been major changes in the club, staff, and team. We lost two finals against Vakıfbank this year and most probably our paths will cross again. It’s certain that we should improve or change things if we desire to keep our title in the Turkish Championship. Eczacıbaşı and Galatasaray are also the main competitors that will run for the trophy. “

Who is the best blocker in the world and why?

“This is a question that is often asked of me and my answer includes two great players. First one is Christiane Fürst who was a former teammate. Especially her performance between 2009 and 2014 was inspiring to me. And the other one is Maja Poljak whom I respect greatly. Both of them were like they had a special sense over the net and their stable performance during the years they played deserves admiration.”  

If some young player decided to play be a middle blocker, what she has to do, to be the best?

I think she might want to look at her decision again if she’s young enough to change (smile). If she insists on her decision to be a middle blocker, she should not complain about repetitive exercises and do as much as she can. Having the ability to act as fast as you think in your mind and having a strong sense of prediction over the net form the basis of success. Watching, knowing and memorizing your opponent are the key points to increase the opportunity to block. For me to be the best is never about having the best athletic skills, it is also related to making the right decisions in life.” 

What is harder for you, to attack or to block?

Attacking is harder. The connection between the setter, timing and the quality of the set for a good attack is very important.  Quoting the famous Rolling Stones song “You can’t always get what you want”. Even if your partner is important in blocking, you are more likely to achieve something on your own.”

Eda Erdem Dundar


Will you play somewhere else except in Turkey? Do you have a wish?

Beginning of this season I’ve signed a 3 years contract with my club. It’s been 10 years in here and it feels like home. I wish to end my career with my yellow and navy striped shirt on me but who knows what the future holds…”

The family often suffers because of sports, so do you plan to become a mom soon? And what would you like to have girl or boy?

It’s a big responsibility and may be the most amazing gift in life but this is not among my near future plans. I want a boy because I really wonder how an Erdem Jr. would look like! (To avoid confusion, Erdem is also the name of my husband (smile).

What was your styling for the New Year?

If you ask about 2018 – Kinesio tapes and ice bags for sure. But if you ask about New Year’s Eve – I celebrated the New Year at home with my family, so pajamas and winter socks.”

For the end of the interview Eda said:

Dear WoV readers, may all your wishes come true and a very happy New Year to you!” 

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