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BRA W: Unilever reached finals

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In the finals of the Brazilian championship for women that is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, Unilever will meet with Sollys. Unilever clearly beat Volei Futuro with 3:0 in 3. semifinal match and Amanda was elected the MVP.



In 1. set Unilever took the lead with the block of Regis on Walewska (9:7) and the error of Pequeno (11:8). Volei Futuro lowered the difference in score, but thanks to Sheilla (16:13) and the error of Walewska Unilever got to 18:14. However, after the errors of Sheilla (18:16) and Juciely (19:18) Volei Fututo evened the result with the point of Joycinha 19:19. Valeskinha won 1 set point (24:23) and Sheilla in the counterattack scored 25:23.


In 2. set Volei Futuro started well with 2 points of Garay and 2 of Walewska (2:6). With the block of Ana Cristina on Regis it got the advantage of 3:8. Thanks to the ace of Juciely (9:10) and the error of Pequeno, Unilever evened the result 10:10. Then Volei Futuro made a break with the points of Walewska and Pequeno and got to 12:16. However, with the block of Amanda on Walewska (20:22) and the errors in the attack of Walewska and Joycinha, Unilever evened the score (22:22). Thanks to Mari Unilever got to 24:22 and Sheilla closed the set scoring 25:23.

In 3. set Unilever secured a big advantage of 7:1. Volei Futuro improved the score thanks to Garay (7:2, 7:3), and the block of Waleska on Mari 7:4 and managed to even the score 10:10. The game was balanced until 16:16. Then Unilever made a break with the excellent defense of Valeskinha (20:17). Volei Future did not manage to exceed its rival and Unilever closed the set with 25:22.

Semifinals: Game 3 (April 6)

UNILEVER – VOLEI FUTURO 3:0 (25:23, 25:23, 25:22) Series: 2:1

UNILEVER: Fernanda Venturini 2, Regiane Bidias “Regis” 5, Juciely Silva 12, Marianne Steinbrecher “Mari” 6, Valeska Menezes “Valeskinha” 9, Sheilla Castro 12, Fabiana Oliveira “Fabi” (L); Amanda Francisco 5, Juliana Nogueira 1, Ana Silva 0, Juliana Perdigao 0
Did not enter: Roberta Ratzke
Coach: Bernardo Rezende “Bernardinho”

VOLEI FUTURO: Walewska Oliveira 10, Paula Pequeno 7, Ana Cristina Port 1, Joyce Silva “Joycinha” 11, Caroline Gattaz 3, Fernanda Rodrigues Garay 15, Veridiana Fonseca “Veve” (L); Fernanda Alves Berti 0, Juliana Valente 0, Viviane Dias 0, Ana Tiemi Takagui 0
Did not enter: Andressa Picussa
Coach: Paulo Barros
MVP: Amanda Francisco
Spectators: 11600

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