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BRA: Official list of 2015/2016 Superleague teams & schedule announced

by WoV
source: cbv.com.br; Photo: ndonline.com.br

After setting dates for the first ever Brazilian Super Cup in both competitions, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) announced official list of the teams that will participate in male and female 2015/2016 Superleague as well as the schedule.



The men will break the ice. The first game of the national league will be held on November 7 between Vôlei Brasil Kirin and Ziober Maringá Vôlei.

In female competition, the premiere match is scheduled for November 10 when Molico/Nestlé Osasco and Rio do Sul/Equibrasil will clash.

Both Superleagues will consist of 12 teams participating.

Round 1 of men’s championship (complete schedule):

November 7: Brasil Kirin – Maringá, Minas – São José

November 8: Voleisul – UFJF, Montes Claros – Taubaté

November 9: Canoas – Sesi

November 18: Bento Vôlei – Cruzeiro


Round 1 of women’s championship (complete schedule):

November 13: Praia Clube – São Cristóvão, Bauru – Osasco, Rio do Sul – Minas, Rexona – Valinhos

November 14: Sesi – São Bernardo, Brasília – Pinheiros


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