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BRA W: She’s a warrior! Thaísa starts to work with ball

by WoV
source: globo.com; Photo: Marcos Ribolli/globo.com

The pace of Thaísa’s training is still very light, but the important thing is that she returned to the gym.



Only 100 days after undergoing surgery on both knees, the Olympic twice champion with Brazil started to work with the ball and took another step in her recovery.

“So far, I trained alone. I missed laughing with the teammates. I was stressed. I am only about 20% ready at the moment. At least I’m relieved a little, because it was all physiotherapy before. The contact with the ball also gives a relief, but I still have that feeling of wanting to attack, block. I need to be patient,” the middle blocker said.

The primary goal of Thaísa is to be well prepared for the 2016 Olympics in her country as well as to join her teammates in Molico/Nestlé Osasco.


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