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BRA W: Dentil/Praia Clube joined Sesc-RJ in the final

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Dentil/Praia Clube celebrated the big victory in the fifth semifinal match of the Brazilian Superliga against Nestle Volley and qualified to the final of 2017/2018 season.

Dentil/Praia Clube

Dentil/Praia Clube

In the fifth match Dentil/Praia Clube defeated Volei Nestle with 3-1 (18-25, 25-16, 25-19, 25-21) and American attacker Nicole Fawcett was the MVP of the match with 

DENTIL PRAIA CLUBE –  VOLEI NESTLE OSASCO 3-1  (18-25, 25-17, 25-19, 25-21)  In series: 3-2

Praia Clube: Claudia Bueno “Claudinha” 2, Fé Garay 16, Walewska Oliveira 5, Fawcett 20, Amanda Francisco 9, Fabiana Claudino 11, Suelen Pinto (L); Ellen Braga 2, Ananda Marinho, Natasha Farinea, Carla Santos 1. N. E: Lais Vasques, Andreia Laurence, Bruna Pavan. Coach: Paulo Coco.

Nestle Osasco: Josefa de Souza “Fabiola” 3, Mariana Costa “Mari Paraiba” 7, Natalia Martins 7, Tandara Caixeta 33, Angela Leyva 6, Ana Beatriz Correa “Bia” 10, Tassia Stael (L); Carol Albuquerque 0, Ninkovic 1, Lorenne Teixeira, Camila Brait. N. E: Paula Borgo, Bruna Neri, Erica Mota “Kikka”. Coach: Luizomar Moura.

The final series will start on April 15, Sesc RJ will host Dentil Praia Clube.

To see complete results, stats and standings, visit our BRA National championship 2017/2018 (Female) page. 


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