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WL 2017: Stephen Boyer is the top scorer so far in World League (STATS)

by WoV

Here are some interesting facts about the FIVB World League 2017:

Stephen Boyer

Stephen Boyer

Top scorers after Week 2:

Stephen Boyer (France) – 106 (Group 1)

Ter Maat Wouter (Netherlands) – 101 (Group 2)

Nagga Hamza (Tunisia) – 104 (Group 3)

Group 1 stats:

The most effective attacker after week 2: Julien Lyneel (58,89 %)

The best receiver after week 2: Thales Hoss (62,28%)

The best setter after week 2: Bruno Rezende (127 running sets, 408 still sets)

The best blocker after week 2: Nikolay Nikolov (0,86 per set)

Top scorer in a single match (week 2): Giulio Sabbi (31), Italy vs. Russia on June 11

Top serving performance in a single game so far: Ahmed Abdelhay (Egypt, Group 2) – 7 aces vs. Czech Republic; Maxim Zhigalov (Russia, Group 1) – 6 aces vs. Argentina on June 2

Top individual blocking performances so far:

Peter Ondrovic (Slovakia) – 9 vs. China

Graham Vigrass (Canada) – 7 vs. Bulgaria

Nikolay Nikolov (Bulgaria) – 7 vs. Canada

Simon Van De Voorde (Belgium) – 7 vs. Argentina

Highest scoring match: 231, Italy vs. Russia 2-3 (33-31, 23-25, 25-21, 23-25, 10-15) 


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