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GRE M: Gomez – “It’s not good for volleyball, I’m very disappointed”

by WoV
source: paokplanet.gr; Photo: paokplanet.gr

The opposite of P.A.O.K. Ernardo Gomez was the best player on the court in derby against Olympiacos (38 points). He was also one of the players who provoked Oly’s fans during his point celebrations…



I expected such a game because we were playing against the best team in Greece in the last three seasons. We managed to stay focused even when Olympiacos was so close to win the match. It was very important for us to take the victory. I want to dedicate this win to our team. Every player lived for this win. This is year of PAOK” said Gomez for paokplanet.gr.

After the last point, Gomez got hit with some object, he tried to run away but he slipped and fell down:

“I’m very upset with the things that happened last night. There had to be some guys from security. People need to understand that we live by playing volleyball. We can’t take such a risk. After multiple objects were thrown on the court I was very disappointed. And I’m still disappointed and it’s not good for volleyball” explained Venezuelan player.

Watch the incidents that happened last night after Oly-PAOK derby.


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