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WC M: Italy survived big battle against Argentina!

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

Two and a half hours! That is how long this game lasted! At the end, Italy had more nerves than Argentina - 3-2 (22:25, 25:20, 25:21, 20:25, 16:14).



Oh how important is this win for Italy. Yes, they lost a point, but they stayed in the race for top two spots at the FIVB World Cup 2015. On the other side, Argentina lost all chances to win an Olympic ticket at this tournament, but squad of Julio Velasco can indeed be proud on their performance in today’s match.

Every set, except the fifth one, was kind of one-sided. Argentina dominated the first and the fourth one, Italy was a lot better in the second and third. Along the way both teams presented fantastic volleyball, full of amazing moves. Therefore, the tie-break was perhaps the only fair way to determine the winner.

The crucial set started with three aces of Osmany Juantorena – 3:0 for Italy. Azzurri were in front all the way until 8:6 when Argentina took 3 points in a row and went ahead at 9:8! Still Italy quickly regained lead at 10:9, then 11:10, 12:11, but at 12:12 Sebastian Sole made a huge block on Juantorena and Argentina took the lead – 13:12! Squad led by Julio Velasco had the first match point at this game at 14:13, but Juantorena this time scored with a spike and it was 14:14.

Then, Pasquale Sottile went for a serve and he made an ace – 15:14 for Italy!!! We can’t really describe you the celebration of Italian players in that moment. They looked like they won the tournament. But, a true celebration occurred just a moment later. Simone Giannelli blocked Facundo Conte – 16:14, Italy won the match!

It’s hard to tell who is the hero of Italian team. Pasquale Sottile, Simone Giannelli… Or perhaps Osmany Juantorena or Ivan Zaytsev who scored 51 points altogether (26+25). It does not matter actually. The most important thing for Azzurri is that they are still in the race for top two spots!  

Check out current World Cup standings!  

World Cup 2015 

Date/Time Teams Set Result per set
22. 09. 2015 10:30 Italy vs Argentina 22:25, 25:20, 25:21, 20:25, 16:14 
22. 09. 2015 11:10 Egypt vs Venezuela 25:18, 20:25, 25:18, 25:20 
22. 09. 2015 14:10 Canada vs Iran  
22. 09. 2015 14:15 Japan vs Poland  
22. 09. 2015 17:10 USA vs Russia  
22. 09. 2015 17:10 Australia vs Tunisia


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