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TUR W: “We want new trophy“ said Havlickova

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Aneta Havlickova is an opposite of Fenerbahce and in interview for the official website she said that her team want to win a new trophy.


Aneta Havlickova

The Czech volleyball star, 26-year-old opposite said that they wanted to take a new trophy because they will fight in the third competition.

We will share with you one part of the interview.

Volleyball in Turkey?

“Volleyball in Turkey, as far as there is a great progress in recent years, everyone knows it. On the other hand, there is the foreign constraint. This naturally led to competition. I’m going to give myself. I’ll do my best”. 

The fans?

“The fans are keen to be with us. I got lots of welcome and success messages. I want to thank our fans. To us their support means a lot.”

Why Fenerbahce?

“I know that Turkish Volleyball League is a good league and that the Fenerbahce is one of the best team here. I also know the new coach is Marcello Abbondanza who was in Baku like me. I accepted the offer without waiting. Fenerbahce have a great conditions and I wanted to seize the opportunity”

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Aneta Havlickova 1



Aneta Havlickova 2

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