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New Fair Play protocol sparks excitement among the young

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The new Fair Play protocol introduced in line with CEV’s Fair Play. Volleyball Way campaign has sparked a lot of excitement among the young. The European Volleyball Confederation started this campaign in 2013 and continues to promote fair play extensively in 2014, including on the premises of the 2nd Round of qualifications for the 2014 CEV U20 / U19 Volleyball European Championship, taking place this weekend across the continent.


Fair Play

In Ankara, where Pool G matches of the U20 men’s competition are being held, the young ball retrievers and moppers, who are in the center of the new protocol, shared their excitement about this incredible opportunity.  Upon completion of the matches these members of the court staff get to shake hands with the players.  These young people’s interaction with the participating teams makes them feel proud to be a part of the big volleyball action.

“We are having so much fun here,” the excited Turkish kids exclaimed.  “It is amazing to be among the volleyball players.  And in some ways we are working with them.  Their coming to us and shaking our hands is a really nice feature of this campaign.  We were also able to take photos with the Turkish players and to meet some foreign volleyballers as well.  It is so good to be here with them.  They are treating us like friends and we really like it.”


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