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WoV on Gloria Cup: Glorious De Kruijf and win of VakifBank

by WoV

The first ever game of Gloria Cup will stay remembered by the win of VakifBank over Azeryol.

Vakifbank vs. Azeryol

Vakifbank vs. Azeryol

VakifBank Azeryol 3-1 (20:25, 30:28, 25:21, 25:23)

VakifBank: Gizem Orge, Gizem Karadayi, Kubra Akman, Cagla Akin, Ceren Kestirengoz, Gulden Onal 3, Bahar Toksoy, Sheilla Castro 8, Elitsa Vasileva 10, Robin De Kruijf 25, Milena Rasic 13, Naz Aydemir 5, Carolina Costagrande 15.

Azeryol: Lenka Durr, Kseniya Poznyak 8, Oksana Kurt, Odina Bayramova 17, Jovana Brakocevic 24, Lora Kitipova 2, Andressa Picussa, Ashly Love, Jelena Nikolic 19, Katerina Zhidkova , Jeyran Aliyeva, Strashimira Filipova 8.

Costagrande with strong spike and VakifBank has won the match – 25:23!

Brakocevic! “Kill” and ace – 24:23. Time out for VakifBank.

Bayramova makes a mistake and spikes the ball into the net – 24:21.

Who else but De Kruijf – 23:21.

Brakocevic redeemed with a strong spike – 22:21 for Vakif.

What a mistake of Brakocevic who was without block but touched the top of the net – 21:19 for Vakif.

Ufff, directly from the block in the head of Rasic… Point goes to Azeryol 20:19.

But Costagrande blocks Filipova and it is 19:17 for Vakif.

Believe or not, but De Kruijf made a mistake – 16:16.

And now it is 16:14 for the Turkish team. Major comeback!

Again De Kruijf! She nailed the ball for 15:14 lead of Vakif!

Good block of Brakocevic, but De Kruijf in unstoppable on the other side. Duth player firstly spiked for 14:13, and then blocked for 14:14.

Good block of Vakif and it’s only 13:12 now for Azeryol. Time out for Chervyakov.

Rasic with spike and then with an ace – 12:10.

And it’s 12:8 for Azerbaijani side. Guidetti calls for a time-out.

Nikolic again stronger than block of Vakif – 11:8 for Azeryol.

Azeryol escaped on 9:6, but Vakif approached on 9:8. Nikolic for 10:8.

Jovana Brakocevic spikes really strongly for 8:6.

Bayramova makes it 7:5 for Azeryol.

Couple of missed serves at the beginning – 3:2 for Azeryol.

4th Set


Turkish team uses the first one, Guess who scored the point? Robin De Kruijf! VakifBank Azeryol 25:21.

Again DeKruijf! Vakif has three set balls 24:21.

Point for point and it is 23:21.

VakifBank Azeryol 22:19.

And Costagrande good at the net – 20:17.

De Kruijf keeps Vakif on a safe distance – 19:17.

Vasileva into the net – 17:16, Will we have another dramatic set finish?

Sheilla blocks Kitipova – 16:13.

Point for point – 15:13 for Vakif.

Brakocevic could tie the score, but she was blocked by Rasic – 12:10 for Vakif. And Vasileva scores next – 13:10.

As here in Turkey people say – Mola Azeryol. It means Azerbaijani team had to call for a atime-out as Vakif leads 10:7.

She misses the next serve, while Costagrande blocks Brakocevic – 8:7 for Vakif

Brakocevic ties at 6:6, while Bayramova makes ace for 7:6, Azeryol in lead again.

But, Vakif turns things around – 5:4.

Azeryol first to take two-point lead 3:1

3rd Set


And Constagrande ends it! VakifVank Azeryol 30:28!

De Kruijf spikes strong 29:28 for Vakif.

Great rally ends with “kill” of Nikolic 28:28.

Drama continues – De Kruijf blocks Filipova! Now Vakif has the set ball 28:27.

Vasileva does not let this set to end – 27:27.

Bayramova passes the block, Azeryol leads 27:26.

Sheilla with good spike and it’s 26:26.

Brakocevic uses the second chance and new set ball for Azeryol – 26:25.

Kitipova serves into out – 25:25.

Fantastic rally and a set ball for… Azeryol! Several good defenses on both sides before Nikolic ended the point – 25:24 for Azerbaijani team.

But, Nilolic ties again – 24:24

Rasic for 24:23 for Vakif.

Brakocevic ties the result at 23:23.

Vakif answers back! Turkish team leads again 23:22!

Turnaround! Nikolic uses the counter and Azeryol leads 22:21!

Costagrande makes point on one side, Filipova on the other. Still tied – 21:21.

Bayramova with block! What a comeback of Azeryol – 20:20!

Nikolic for 20:19!

Azeryol won’t just give this set without fight – 20:18. Time-out VakifBank.

De Kruijf blocks Filipova one-on-one 20:16.

Brakocevic stooped by the block, then Costagrande makes points and Vakif increaes the lead on 19:16.

But, Sheilla with one more excellent spike returns the lead to Vakif – 16:15.

Brakocevic and Poznyak block Vasileva! It’s all tied at 15:15!  

And then Bayramova – 15:14!

Brakocevic decreases lead of her ex-club – 15:13.

But Constagrande with two “kills” and Vakif is back on +4, 12:8. Time-out Azeryol.

Another amazing rally and strong spike of Filipova – 10:8.

Azeryol catches some breath – 9:6.

Long relly which ends with a block of De Kruijf! VakifBank has taken 5 consecutive points and now leads 8:3.

Sheila with one more great service, Bayramova hits only net – 7:3.

Excellent serves by Sheilla, and even better defense of Vakif which leads 6:3.

All tied at 3:3.

2nd Set

Costagrande sends the ball into out and the first set goes to Azeryol – 25:20

Big rally, some great saves of Vakif, but Azeryol takes the point – 23:18. Second time-out in a row for Guidetti. 

Sucn an important block of Azeryol on Costagrande – 22:18 for Azerbaijani team.

Filipova with another important spike – 20:17 for Azeryol.

Costagrande showing her setter skills 18:15.

Not, if you ask Filipova – 18:14.

A big comeback of Vakif? It’s 17:14 now!

What a spike by Nikolic who takes Azeryol on 16:10!

Vakif misses a counter, and then Rasic spikes the ball into net – 15:10 for Azeryol.

Three great blocks of VakifBank, and even better counterattacks. Turkish side reduces deficit on 13-10. Azeryol time-out.

Azeryol continues with excellent volleyball – 11:5. A lot of mistakes from VakifBank.

Brakocevic is on fire, she scored 4 of last 5 points of Azeryol and Azerbaijani team has the lead on the first TTO – 8-5.

Milena Rasic misses the seve, while Jovana Brakocevic makes two aces – 5-2 for Azeryol!

The first ever point on the Gloria Cup belongs to Azeryol!

1st Set


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