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TUR M: Istanbul BBSK climbed to the second place

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Istanbul BBSK met Cankaya Bld. Ankara in the last match of the third round of the Turkish League. Hosts had no problems overcoming the opponents. Istanbul claimed the match in straight sets and found themselves on the second place.


Istanbul BBSK

Istanbul BBSK – Cankaya Bld. Ankara 3-0 (25-21, 25-13, 25-20)
Top Scorers: Billings 19, Trommel 9, Antanovich 5, Hayirli 5; Ozdemir 15, Almaz 6.


Arkas Spor Izmir 19 (7-0)
Istanbul BBSK 18 (6-1)
Maliye Milli Piyango Ankara 17 (6-1)
Galatasaray Istanbul 15 (5-2)
Fenerbahce Grundig Istanbul 12 (4-3)
Halkbank Ankara 12 (3-4)
Greenwich Saat Ted Kolejler Ankara 7 (3-4)
4 Eylul Bld. Sivas 7 (2-5)
Gumushane Torul Genclik 7 (2-5)
Cankaya Bld. Ankara 6 (2-5)
Yenisehir Bld. Bursa 4 (2-5)
Ziraat Bankasi Ankara 2 (0-7)

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