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Club World Championship 2017 ( M )

National team

21. 12. 2017 Comments 1

POL M: Ignaczak – “Leon should have won the MVP award definitely”

The current World Champion with Poland Krzysztof Ignaczak has commented on the latest happenings at the ...

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19. 12. 2017 Comments 0

THUNDER FROM THE SKY: Unbelievable spike by Wilfredo Leon (VIDEO)

This is why Zenit Kazan ended the tournament without losing a single set! Wilfredo Leon had a great display ...

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 0

Vladimir Alekno – “The tournament was so stressful and I'm glad we made it"

There are some words from the head coach of the World Champions

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 1

Juantorena admits – “Leon should have won the MVP award”

Osmany Juantorena, the MVP of the Men’s Volleyball Club World Championship, has said something interesting ...

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 0

CWCH 2017 M: Butko spent almost 4 hours in doping control room

Captain of Zenit Kazan Alexander Butko had to undergo doping test control a night before the game against ...

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 0

CWCH 2017 M: Grebennikov – “Our game was good, but not enough to beat Zenit”

Jenia Grebennikov regrets about the first set, when his team had good chances to take the lead

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 2

CWCH M: Leon - "I congratulate Juantorena for MVP but I didn't play for this award"

Zenit Kazan finally won the medal that was lacking in the coffin with gold. Wilfredo Leon once again ...

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18. 12. 2017 Comments 0

CWCH M: Juantorena - "I think we could have won"

Osmany Juantorena returned to the FIVB Club World Championship in a big stile. With his "new" team he ...

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17. 12. 2017 Comments 2

CWCH 2017 M: Juantorena grabs fourth MVP award!

Osmany Jantorena is the MVP of the Men’s Club World Championship

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17. 12. 2017 Comments 0

THEY HAVE FINALLY DONE IT! Zenit Kazan are the World Champions!

Zenit Kazan have taken the first-ever title at the Volleyball Men's Club World Championship

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