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12. 07. 2017

Transfers 2017/2018

GRE M: Olympiacos agree terms with experienced Finnish opposite

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Former Finnish Men’s Volleyball National Team member is close to sign with Olympiacos O.S. Piraeus.


As revealed, an experienced 31-year-old opposite Mikko Oivanen agreed terms with Greek runners-up Olympiacos for 2017/2018.

Mikko Oivanen spent last season in homeland, playing in the national championship silver medalists Hurrikaani Loimaa along with his twin brother Matti, averaging 51% positive attack.

In case Olympiacos carry hiring Ivan Miljković into effect, Oivanen would probably be a backup for the Serbian legend.


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3 Comments about "GRE M: Olympiacos agree terms with experienced Finnish opposite"

12.07.2017 | 22:28 |   Alex Lagou

Just one notice.Oivanen will be our first opposite as Miljkovic said on that very website that he doesnt want to come back on teams he used to play. Also in Greece there is a limit of four foreign players a team can sign so with Oivanen there are Drzyzga, Alexiev, Rauwerdink and Oivanen.The second opposite will be Nikos Zoupanis. Anyone who knows the Finish player can tell some info about him please?

+0            0 -
13.07.2017 | 08:49 |   Alexander [unregistered]

Info about Oivanen...didn't play in Iran, last season in Finland (not strong championship)...

+0            0 -
13.07.2017 | 10:04 |   Olympiacos797 [unregistered]

Re: @Alexander
Thanks for the info about Iran although I would expect something like clues about his playing style.He might not be in a good stage in his career but he has been playing in Poland for many years so I guess he is not that bad.

+0            0 -
13.07.2017 | 12:29 |   Vasilisgate7 [unregistered]

Welcome to Olympiacos,anyone know how good is this guy?

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