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28. 04. 2017


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The latest volleyball transfers and latest rumours regarding the best worldwide male teams will be displayed on this page. For this summer transfer window, we have expanded the number of teams.


If you have any information about any player or team, don’t hesitate to send us using COMMENTS below the article. Take the opportunity to rate the comments at the bottom – more positive votes your comment gets, more there will be a possibility to publish that information as an official rumor. Registered users that are sending comments have an advantage compared to the unregistered ones.

The information will be updated several times per day, including the transfers from the worldwide leagues. Don't forget to use the #volleytransfers hashtag on Social networks.

Latest transfers, September 25:

14:28 CET - Montes Claros opposite goes to Qatar

September 24:

23:00 CET - The Serbian opposite to replace Marcus Nilsson in Zenit St. Petersburg

September 21:

22:22 CET - Czestochowa receiver signs with Zaksa

September 20:

17:21 CET - Vojvodina sign two experienced players!

13:10 CET - Latina signed contract with fourth blocker

September 19:

21:20 CET - Bulgarian NT backup opposite returns to his home country

20:11 CET - Modena's talented setter goes to Division 2

18:02 CET - Trentino setter moves to Monza

10:34 CET - Monza steal Asseco Resovia youngster

09:50 CET - Estonian middle blocker continues career in Slovakia

September 18:

15:40 CET - Latina hired French opposite

September 15:

12:40 CET - OFFICIAL – Zhukouski new setter of Lube

September 14:

20:33 CET - Konstantin Cupkovic moves to Mladi Radnik

15:34 CET - Bolivar bring former receiver back

13:14 CET - Romanian side Ploiesti added Russian middle blocker to their roster

12:00 CET - Croatian setter Zhukouski might sign with Lube although he agreed to terms with Olympiacos

10:04 CET - Serbian opposite joins Benfica

08:25 CET - Dutch NT receiver on a tryout in Milano

September 12:

22:18 CET - Canadian international signs with Ural Ufa

18:22 CET - Mateusz Mika to join Belogorie?!

September 11:

15:04 CET - Dutch middle blocker continues career in Bundesliga

September 9:

10:38 CET - Zenit add middle blocker from their youth team to senior squad

September 7:

23:00 CET - Two Russian Youth NT members continue career in Bulgarian Championship

21:41 CET - Canadian NT blocker seals the deal with Chaumont

16:41 CET - A captain of the Cuban NT and two of three Camejo brothers join Obras

13:11 CET - Venezuelan NT opposite moves to the Turkish D2

September 6:

22:02 CET - Macedonian NT blocker joins title holders of Montenegro Jedinstvo

21:26 CET - Prospect Turkish opposite leaves Ziraat

September 5:

21:01 CET - Montenegrin opposite moves from the Italian Serie A1 to Greek league

13:11 CET - Galatasaray didn't want to extend the contract with one of the best U19 opposites in the world

September 1:

16:30 CET - Dinamo Draisma sign Canadian middle blocker

August 31:

21:42 CET - Finnish NT receiver officially in Resovia

20:41 CET - Ex-Argentina captain Quiroga joins Jastrzebski

August 30:

12:29 CET - Mauricio Borges sign with Sesc RJ

11:33 CET - Belogorie negotiate with Aleksey Spiridonov

09:00 CET - The Finnish national team member to replace Perrin in Resovia

August 29:

19:07 CET - Last season's middle blocker of Skra moves to Warta

August 27:

17:21 CET - Experienced middle blocker replaces Ziraat with Afyon

16:13 CET - Estonian champions Selver sign Maaseik receiver

August 26:

15:45 CET - Finnish NT receiver moves to Belarus


13:44 CET - Nikola Jovovic will play in Turkey!

August 23:

17:23 CET - Former coach of Imoco and Galatasaray continues career in Italy

13:00 CET - At the age of 40, he has signed 1+1 one deal with Hungarian team

August 22:

21:00 CET - Sada Cruzeiro keep the middle blocker

August 21:

22:00 CET - Lyon finds middle blocker in Bosnia & Herzegovina

August 20:

16:00 CET - German team sign opposite from Canada

August 17:

17:35 CET - Serbian attacker returns to Skra

11:30 CET - Argentine opposite in Ajaccio

August 16:

16:30 CET - Two Brazilian players continue career in Greece

August 15:

09:20 CET - Agamez will definitely play in Olympiacos

August 14:

19:36 CET - Slovenian and U.S. receiver join Verona's training

13:22 CET - Brazilian Outside hitter stays in Ajaccio

August 13:

19:30 CET - Nico Mendez seals new deal with Arago de Sete

13:22 CET - Update from Paykan: receivers duo from Urmia and Sarmayeh libero came, another libero renewed, blocker went to Tabriz

11:07 CET - Bulgarian bomber Uchikov stays one more year in UPCN!

09:24 CET - Serbian NT setter close to agreeing on terms with one Iranian club

August 12:

19:13 CET - Resovia find a replacement for Perrin?

August 11:

22:11 CET - Former German national team member joins Duren

15:18 CET - Halkbank libero goes to Inegol

13:21 CET - Politechnika tie giant middle blocker

August 10:

19:32 CET - Milad Ebadipour officially signs with Skra!

13:18 CET - Serbian opposite goes to Romania

August 9:

09:25 CET -  Serbian setter in Libanon

August 8:

20:15 CET - One of the most talented Bulgarian players to join national champions Neftohimik

17:36 CET - Bolivar officially add Bulgarian Penchev and PSM Volley blocker to their roster

14:24 CET - One more new name for Syros Volley

August 7:

22:46 CET - Bulgarian receiver and Iranian blocker in Lycurgus

16:02 CET - Van de Voorde continues the career in Iran!

12:22 CET - Middle blocker from Belarus will play in Plusliga!

09:44 CET - Ravenna sign young Cuban opposite

August 6:

09:22 CET - Ukrainian opposite officially signs with Nice

August 4:

22:00 CET - Taubate sign two outside hitter and opposite

19:30 CET - Jastrzebski sign Swedish international!

17:45 CET - American receiver returns to Europe

August 2:

21:23 CET - Cuban NT duo from Rio Olympics joins Gigantes

20:09 CET - Two new players in Almeria

14:40 CET - Ural Ufa confirmed new opposite

10:05 CET - Three Cuban players in UNTREF Voley

August 1:

20:22 CET - Brazilian receiver moves from Sada Cruzeiro to JF Volei

18:33 CET - Brazilian receiver leaves Italy and returns to Brazil

13:17 CET - Iraklis sign with two veteran players

12:24 CET -  Wallace officially extends with Taubate!


MEN'S TRANSFERS 2017/2018:

*** - Transfer Rumors! Players that have *** in front of their names are only rumored to join or to leave the mentioned club. To read full articles, please visit our TRANSFER RUMORS section. To follow confirmed transfers click on DONE DEALS section. Also, read WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TRANSFERS 2017/2018.

ext - contract extension

By clicking on roster button below, you will be transferred to the page with the current rosters of the teams.

( decline any responsibility for the comments published inside this article)

Zenit Kazan Anderson (ext), Verbov (ext), Krotkov (ext), Volvich (ext), Mikhailov (ext), Gutsalyuk (ext), Yudin (Bydgoszcz), Panteleymonenko (Dinamo K.), Alekseev (Nova), Samoylenko (Lokomotiv N.), Alekno (youth team), Kononov (youth team) Salparov (Neftohimik), Kobzar (Kuzbass), Ashchev (Zenit St. Petersburg), Sivozhelez (Zenit St. Petersburg), Zemchenyok (Dinamo-LO), Melynik (-), Demakov (Dinamo-LO) Roster
Belogorie Obmochaev (ext), Bakun (Dinamo M.),  Biryukov (Dinamo M.), S. Tetyukhin (ext), Nikolov (Nefthohimik), Grankin (Dinamo M.), Spiridonov (Enisey)***, Eremin (Dagestan), Makeshin (MGTU), P. Tetyukhin (youth team), coach Bogomolov (promoted), Mika (Lotos Trefl)*** Marlon (Minas), Podlesnykh (Kuzbass), Smolyar (Lokomotiv N.), Teryomenko (Radom), Khtey (ret), Martynyuk (Lokomotiv N.), coach Kosarev (assistant), Bagrey (-), Snegirev (Zenit Kazan youth team), Kovyryaev (Gazprom-Yugra) Roster
Dinamo Moscow Kalinin (Sora), Le Roux (Modena), Kooy (Halkbank), Ostapenko (ext), Shcherbinin (ext), Strilychuk (Nova), Kimerov (Fakel), Antonov (youth team) Bakun (Belogorie), Ilinykh (Kuzbass), Biryukov (Belogorie), Grankin (Belogorie), Volkov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Filippov (Ural) Roster
Lokomotiv N. Grozer (Shanghai), Smolyar (Belogorie), Pavlov (ext), Savin (ext), coach Konstantinov (ext), Eksi (Istanbul BBSK), Rodichev (Gazprom-Yugra), Martynyuk (Belogorie), Tkachev (Dinamo-LO), Shcherbakov (Kuzbass), Volkov (youth team) K. Shoji (Monza), E. Shoji (Latina), Samoylenko (Zenit Kazan), Eremin (Dinamo-LO), Tarasov (Bielsko-Biala), Chervyakov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Bannov (Samotlor), Belogortsev (Samotlor), Abaev (Montana), Klets (Montana) Roster
Lube Grebennikov (ext), Juantorena (ext), coach Medei (Tours), Sander (Beijing), Cester (ext), Pujol (AS Cannes), Marchisio (Tuscania), Kovar (ext), Stankovic (ext), Milan (Padova), Zhukouski (BR Volleys) coach Blengini (Italian NT M), Pesaresi (Verona, on loan), Cebulj (Milano, on loan), Kaliberda (Ziraat), Randazzo (Padova), Corvetta (Spoleto) Roster
Trentino Vettori (Modena), Giannelli (ext), coach Lorenzetti (ext), Kovacevic (Verona), Eder (Taubate), Balaso (Padova)***, Kozamernik (ACH Volley), Zingel (Verona), Cavuto (back from loan, Bergamo), Teppan (Tirol), De Pandis (Molfetta), Hoag (Milano), Partenio (Molfetta), Urnaut (Modena), Sole (Taubate), Nelli (Padova), D. Mazzone (Modena), Stokr (Liberec), Colaci (Perugia), T. Mazzone (Ravenna), Antonov (Vibo), Van de Voorde (Paykan), Burgsthaler (?)***, Blasi (Monza)*** Roster 
Modena Bruninho (Sesi), Sabbi (Molfetta), coach Stoytchev, Ngapeth (ext), Holt (ext), Rossini (ext), Lucarelli (Taubate)***, Urnaut (Trentino), D. Mazzone (Trentino), Clevenot (Piacenza)***, Van Garderen (Ravenna), Franciskovic (Hawaii), Argenta (Potenza Picena), Bossi (Ravenna), Tosi (Perugia), Pinali (youth team), Marra (youth team) Vettori (Trentino), Piano (Milano), Travica (Padova), Petric (Halkbank), Massari (Vibo), Le Roux (Dinamo Moscow), Onwuelo (Reggio Emilia), coach Tubertini (Vibo), Orduna (Ravenna), Salsi (Club Italia) Roster
Perugia coach Bernardi (ext), Russell (ext), De Cecco (ext), Ricci (Ravenna), Berger (ext), Shaw (Padova), Colaci (Trentino), Anzani (Verona), Siirila (Ajaccio), Della Lunga (ext), Cesarini (Siena), Andric (Effector) Tosi (Modena), Mitic (Surgut), Buti (Monza), Paris (Castellana Grotte), Birarelli (Verona), Bari (Spoleto), Chernokozhev (Dobrudja)***, Franceschini (Junior Volley) Roster
Verona coach Grbic (ext), Jaeschke (Resovia) Maar (Padova), Pesaresi (Lube, on loan), Pajenk (Fenerbahce), Birarelli (Perugia), Manavinejad (Paykan), Spirito (Ravenna), Stern (ext), Frigo (ext), Marretta (Milano), Grozdanov (Dobrudja), Klobucar (United Volleys)***, Owens (no club)*** Kovacevic (Trentino), Baranowicz (Piacenza), Lecat (Vibo), Zingel (Trentino), Anzani (Perugia), Giovi (Siena), Peslac (Padova, on loan), Randazzo (Padova), Ferreira (KB Stars) Roster
Zaksa coach Gardini (Olsztyn), Deroo (ext), Rejno (MKS Bedzin), Torres (Ravenna), Conte (Shanghai)***, Szymura (Czestochowa) Tillie (Jastrzebski), coach De Giorgi (Polish NT M), Konarski (Ziraat), Czarnowski (Belchatow), Bociek (Zawiercie), Witczak (Katowice), Roster 
Belchatow Wlazly (ext), Milczarek (ext), Klos (ext), Lomacz (Lubin), Czarnowski (Zaksa), Janusz (ext), Penchev (ext), coach Piazza (-), Romac (Trefl), Ebadipour (Sarmayeh), Nedeljkovic (Kosovska Mitrovica), Katic (Bydgoszcz) Uriarte (Cruzeiro), Winiarski (retired), coach Blain (Japanese NT M), Kurek (Ziraat), Szalpuk (Trefl), Gladyr (Fenerbahce), Marcyniak (Aluron Warta) Roster 
Resovia Mozdzonek (ext), Rossard (ext), coach Serniotti (BR Volleys), Jarosz (El Jaish), Schops (ext), Kedzierski (Radom from loan), Rusak (Lubin), Cebulj (Lube)***, Perlowski (Espadon), Tichacek (ext), Maslowski, Sliwka (Indykpol), Depovski (Espadon), Lemanski (ext), Dryja (ext), Cupkovic (Olympiakos)***, Krastins (Antwerp). Jaeschke (Verona), Nowakowski (Trefl), Wojtaszek (-), Schmitt (Toray), Winters (-), coach Kowal (-), Ivovic (Taubate), Drzyzga (Olympiacos), Perrin (Beijing), Karakula (Monza),  Roster 
Jastrezbski Muzaj (ext), Hidalgo (ext), Kampa (ext), Kosok (ext), Szymura (Czestochowa), Tillie (Zaksa), Strzezek (ext), Lushtaku (Halmstad), Quiroga (Al Nasr)   Roster
Trefl Mika (ext), Nowakowski (Resovia), coach Anastasi (ext), Schulz (ext), Olenderek (Politechnika), Grzyb (ext), Sanders (Arkas), Sliwka (AZS Olsztyn), Kozlowski (Espadon), McDonnell (Chaumont), Szalpuk (Skra) , Gunter (Tartu) Masny (Lubin), Gawryszewski (Espadon), Pashytskyy (Kuzbass), Hebda (Castellana Grotte), Romac (Belchatow), Pietruczuk (Tirol), Mika (Belogorie)*** Roster
Sada Cruzeiro Uriarte (Belchatow), Isac (ext), Evandro (ext), Serginho (ext), Filipe (ext), Rodriguinho (ext). Alemao (Canoas), coach Mendez (ext), Romulo (from loan, Juiz de Fora), Eder Levi (ext),  William (Sesi), Pedrao (UPCN), Leozinho (JF Volei),  Roster

coach Castellani (Maaseik), Ivovic (Resovia), Sole (Trentino), Thalles (Canoas), Rafael (Montes Claros), Paulo Renan (Santa Croce), Rapha (ext), Wallace (ext), Lucarelli (ext), Dante (PAOK), Otavio (ext), Renan S. (ext), Nicolas (ext), Matheus (ext), Madaloz (Unicaja), Rodrigo (Sesc), 

coach Douglas (Montes Claros), Eder (Trentino), Japa (Sesc)***, Loh (Halkbank)***, Mario Junior (Sesi)***, Danilo (Tirol), Mesa (Montes Claros) Roster
Sesi William (Sada Cruzeiro), Franco (Paris), Lucao (ext), Vaccari (ext), Pureza (ext), Murilo (ext), Lipe (Halkbank), Douglas Souza (ext), Aracaju (ext), Mario Junior (Taubate)***, Evandro (Canoas), Gustavao (UPCN), Alan (Sada Cruzeiro), Pia (Bolivar), Pato (Emma Villas), Renato (Siena) Bruninho (Modena), Serginho (Corinthians), Sidao (Corinthians), Theo (Bolivar), Riad (Corinthians), Fabio (Corinthians), Alan Patrick (Corinthians), Kaio (Maringa), Rodrigo (Maringa) Roster
Fenerbahce  coach Basic (ext), Quesque (ext), Sket (ext), Hazirol (Tokat), Gladyr (Belchatow), Resul (Halkbank), Izzet (Milli Piyango) Emet (Istanbul BBSK)*** Ozbek (Jeopark), Karaagac (Ziraat), Pajenk (Verona), Demirciler (Halkbank), Ediz (Arhavi) Roster
Ziraat Konarski (Zaksa), coach Milenkoski (Maliye Piyango), Kurek (Skra), Kaliberda (Lube), Karaagac (Fenerbahce), Cacic (Sarmayeh), Gungor (Istanbul BBSK), Lee (PAOK)***, Nilsson (Zenit St. Petersburg), coach Munoz (Olympiacos), Rauwerdink (Olympiacos), Savani (Latina), Cuneyt (Afyon), Cansin (Tokat) Roster
Halkbank Hernandez (Piacenza), Petric (Modena), Hasan (ext), Hierrezuelo (Piacenza)***, Loh (Taubate)***, Capkinoglu (Arkas)***, coach Kovac (ext), Demirciler (Fenerbahce), Durgut (Ziraat) Vincic (Radom), Lipe (Sesi), Kooy (Dinamo Moscow), Erden (Solhan Spor), Kayhan (Milli Piyango), Miljkovic (Olympiacos)***, Achrem (Galatasaray), Caner (Inegol) Roster
Arkasspor Burak (Istanbul BBSK)***, Brdjovic (Surgut), Fromm (Monza) Sanders (Trefl), Borges (Sesc), Capkinoglu (Halkbank)*** Roster
Istanbul BBSK coach Gajic (Azeryol), Gungor (Ziraat), Emet (Fenerbahce)***, Nuri (Besiktas)***, Tuia (Galatasaray), Serhat (Afyon), Yenipazar (Tirol) Rouzier (Enisey), Burak (Arkasspor)***, Eksi (Lokomotiv), Marechal (Ravenna) Roster
Tours Barnes (ext), Diefenbach (Nantes), Rabiller (ext), coach Enard (Toulouse), Egleskalns (Nice), Reichert (United Volleys), Wounembaina (Chaumont), coach Medei (Lube)***, Collin (Friedrichshafen), Konecny (-), White (BR Volleys), Seppanen (Stroitel), Jansen van Doorn (Chaumont), Barnes (Ural Ufa), Roster
Paris Kreek (ext), Pinheiro (ext), Gergye (ext), Lafitte (ext), Stahl (UCLA), Rosard (Toulouse), Ter Maat (BR Volleys)***, Kuklinski (Minsk) Franco (Sesi)*** Roster
BR Volleys Perry (ext), Carroll (ext), coach Reynolds (Jastrzebski), Vigrass (ext), Okolić (ext), Klein (Friedrichshafen), Van Haarlem (Kladno), White (Tours), Russell (Bedzin) Zhukouski (Olympiakos, Lube)***, coach Serniotti (Resovia), Schott (Milano), Fischer (ret), Ter Maat (Paris)*** Roster 
Friedrichshafen Collin (Tours), Tischer (ext)***, Boladz (Radom), Kevorken (Lunbeurg), Atanasov (Tokat) Finger (Monza)***, Rousseaux (AZS Olsztyn), Klein (BR Volleys) Roster
Bolivar coach Weber (ext), Nikic (Besiktas), Theo (Sesi), Hernandez (Alianza), Galdon (Alianza), Arroyo (UNTREF), R. Penchev (Latina), Galvan (PSM Volley), Garcia (Jesus Maria) Edgar (JT Thunders), Aleksiev (Olympiacos), Lima (Chaumont)


UPCN Cavanna (Lomas), Filardi (ext), Ramos (ext), Lazo (ext), Garrocq (ext), Armesto (Lomas), Krsmanovic (Gazprom-Yugra)***, Gomez (Alianza), Pedrao (Sada Cruzeiro), Bozikovich (Alianza), Bartman (Galatasaray), Uchikov (ext), Leskiw Auer (SpeedBall), Salvo (ext) Gustavao (Sesi), Guzman (-)***,  Roster
Olympiacos Andreadis (PAOK), coach Munoz (Ziraat), Zhukouski (BR Volleys), Stefanou (ext), Rauwerdink (Ziraat), Drzyzga (Resovia), Aleksiev (Bolivar), Miljkovic (Halkbank)***, Mi. Oivanen (Hurrikaani)***, Petreas (Ajaccio) Agamez (-), Athos (Castellana Grotte), Duff (Espadon), Cupkovic (Resovia, Mladi Radnik)*** Roster
PAOK Lee (ZiraatBank)***, Valkiers (Zalau), Conte (Shanghai)***, Pelekoudas (Pamvachaikos), Papadimitriou (Vrahati), Papangelopoulos (Kifissia), Terzis (ext), Sotiriou (ext), Martinez (Palandoken), Starovic (Latina), Andreadis (Olympiacos), Roster
Maaseik Cox (Antwerp), Blankenau (Duren), Tammemaa (Toulouse), Van Heyste (Antwerp), Sighinolfi (Castellana Grotte), Mijatovic (Salonit), Gevert (Ceske Budejovice), Ahyi (Papendal),  coach Castellani (Taubate), Bontje (Achel), Colson (Lindemans), Santucci (Campinas), Vigil (-), Skladany (Prievidza), Wolanski (Nysa), Mol (beach volley), Nommistu (Selver) Roster
Roeselare Depovere (Menen), D'Hulst (-), Roster
Ceske Budejovice Palgut (Pribram), Krestan (Kladno), Habr (-), Cervinka (-), Gevert (Maaseik), Hackworth (-), Sobotka (Kladno) Roster
ACH Ljubljana Djirlic (Mladost Kastela),  Kozamernik (Trentino), Armenakis (Iraklis) Roster
Posojilnica Vuorinen (Javaheri)***, Krol (Hypo Tirol), Wiese (Czarni Radom),    Roster
Tirol Danilo (Taubate), Verhoeff (Duren), Pietruczuk (Trefl), Moreno (Juiz de Fora), Grobelny (Lubin) Juhkami (Lille), Yenipazar (Istanbul BBSK), Teppan (Trentino) Roster
Sarmayeh Zygadlo (ext) Zarif (Paykan) Roster
Paykan Marouf (ext), Bohme (Lubin)***, Agamez (Olympiacos)***, Van de Voorde (Trentino), Zarif (Sarmayeh), Amiri (Urmia), Fayazi (Urmia), Aslani (ext) Manavinejad (Verona), Sharifat (Tabriz) Roster

If you have any information about the latest transfer, send us via Comments below or contact us using the contact form on our website.


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12 Comments about "VOLLEYTRANSFERS 2017/2018 (MEN)"

01.05.2017 | 21:00 |   David [unregistered]

Nikola Gjorgiev in Plusliga next year. Team Onico Warszawa.

+0            0-
02.05.2017 | 13:32 |   Jean [unregistered]
Bruno will return to Modena...

+0            0-
02.05.2017 | 15:02 |   Alessia [unregistered]

Bruno back in Modena

+0            0-
03.05.2017 | 01:11 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

how about james shaw of padova? will he stay in padova or a new club?

+0            0-
12.05.2017 | 18:04 |   David [unregistered]

Maurice Torres in Zaksa

+0            0-
14.05.2017 | 21:10 |   Anatoliy [unregistered]

Jovovic from Italy to Turkey to replace Zhukosky as setter

+0            0-
22.05.2017 | 05:29 |   leo [unregistered]

Arsalan Eksi is the new setter of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk

+0            0-
26.05.2017 | 04:06 |   leo [unregistered]

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk add another expirienced middle blocker. This time Mikhail Sherbakov, who previously played for Kuzbass Kemerovo

+0            0-
08.06.2017 | 10:55 |   leo [unregistered]

Locomotiv Novosibirsk confirmed the transfer of Alexei Rodichev. Another expirienced outside hitter in added to the roster of Red-green Mashine before return to the CEV champions league.

+0            0-
16.06.2017 | 05:26 |   leo [unregistered]

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk finalized roster for upcoming season
Setters: Eksi/Lukyanenko
Outside hitters: Divis/Savin/Rodichev +4th position will be given to young players from club system
Opposites: Pavlov/Grozer
Middle: Kurkaev/Smolyar/Tkachev/Sherbakov
Libero: Martynyuk/Golubev

+0            0-
21.06.2017 | 20:26 |   Bill [unregistered]

Jeroen Rauwerdink to Olympiacos official

+0            0-
04.07.2017 | 00:20 |   Gate7 [unregistered]

Rumors about Ivan Miljkovic and Olympiacos

+0            0-
04.07.2017 | 23:34 |   Olympiacos797 [unregistered]

Re: @Gate7
Hahaha I think those rumos have been spread from comments on websites in Greece unless u've heard something.He could be a big asset for sure although I would prefer someone in a better age since we already signed a starter outside hitter who is 34.

+0            0-
05.07.2017 | 16:55 |   former_player [unregistered]

Re: @Olympiacos797
Ivan The Terrible is one of the best players of this game of all time. His contributions in winning Turkish championship last season was huge, and despite his age, there's still fire in him. He is true champion and he will be huge asset in any team. Since he will likely never accept to be on the bench, he won't be able to get starting position in top teams. But still he can get another championship in Greece, Germany, Poland, etc

+0            0-
06.07.2017 | 01:03 |   Olympiacos797 [unregistered]

Re: @former_player
Believe me I know really well what an asset he is, best player that ever played in my team imo and one of the best in the history of volleyball. I would be more than happy if he joined Olympiacos again even at that age but some websites say that he asks for money that the team management things are too much for his age. I think if we dont find a better option in the transfer market (most likely we wont) we will give him the salary he wants and he will join us. For sure my comment didnt mean to doubt the value of this huge player.

+0            0-

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De Kruijf – “Guidetti should’ve named true reason for leaving, which has probably been money”

the e-mails are a sign of cowardice. Regardless of the reasons of termination of the contract Guidetti had to personally talk to the team. Reply

Guidetti excluded from the game vs. Russia after not accepting referee’s controversial call (VIDEO)

Mr. G. Guidetti is a member of FIVB Technical and Coaching Commission, so that he can officially initiate to incorporate into a Video challenge systems also floor touches.. Moreover to deal with an issue of double contacts ..
He can also ask to open the contract with an official FIVB ball producer and require to change it for a normally visible one or to cancel it... He can do it via the Commission, and asks for a support Italian and Turkish NVFs... Reply

De Kruijf – “Guidetti should’ve named true reason for leaving, which has probably been money”

Im not a fan of Guidetti (I think he keeps complaining decisions from the refree). But I dont agree with her. It was his decision. She needs to understand that. Hes free to choose what is best for him Reply