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Did You Know? Misty May-Treanor Is Still in the World of Volleyball in Her Retirement

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In today’s “Did You Know?” feature, let’s take a walk through the life of Misty May-May-Treanor in her life of retirement. Just because her professional American beach volleyball athletic career is over does not mean that she has been on the sidelines of the volleyball court.

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May-Treanor has been very much active in the professional volleyball industry by returning to her alma mater, Long Beach College as the director of the volleyball department. She also works for the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour as a member of the broadcast team.

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Her Achievements

These are the achievements that Misty May-Treanor earned during her professional beach volleyball career:

  • 112 total victories in her career.
  • Earned a gold medal in Athens in 2004.
  • Earned her second gold medal in Beijing in 2008.
  • Earned her third and final gold medal in the London Olympics in 2012 before officially retiring from the sport.

Director of Volleyball Operations at Long Beach College

Four years after her retirement post the 2012 Olympics, May-Treanor was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame. May-Treanor holds her Olympic gold medal in honor and lives up to her title of volleyball greatness by serving the community as Long Beach College’s Director of Volleyball Operations since 2016.

She led her team to a great win record of 22-4 in the 2018 to 2019 volleyball season. They placed 7-1 in the conference records for that same season.

Totaling from the 2016-2017 season to 2019-2020, Long Beach College secured 79 wins and only 22 losses for indoor volleyball alone. There were 34 wins and 6 losses for the conference sector. As for beach volleyball, total wins were 37-13 for the overall season and 16-4 for the conference.

Long Beach College was the Team State Championship runner-up for the 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 seasons. In 2018-2019, May-Treanor’s team was third place in the championship.

When the 2020 season got canceled, May-Treanor decided to step down as the Director of Volleyball Operations for Long Beach College. She is happy to have led the team to a continuous top three states in the California Community College Athletics Association State Championship in all the seasons during her tenure.

Member of the Broadcast Team for the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour

In 2020, she moved on from being the Director of Volleyball Operations at Long Beach College and became a member of the broadcast team for the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour. May-Treanor broadcast for the opening event of the AVP Champions Cup in July 2020.

66 of her victories were won during the AVP Champions Cup during her career, so for her to be on the broadcast side of it was a new and exciting experience for her. May-Treanor was elated to get back out in the world of professional volleyball to see the athletes and to give back to the community now that she is retired.

Predictions for the Future for Misty May-Treanor’s Career

May-Treanor originally retired to focus on personal goals and to spend more time with her family. Her spouse is professional baseball player Matt Treanor and together they have three lovely children named Mele, Mia, and Malia.

We predict she will continue to broadcast for the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour for as long as she desires. You never know if she will start mentoring up-and-coming female professional volleyball players.


Only time will tell and we are excited to see what Misty May-Treanor has planned next for her career. Misty’s current contributions to professional volleyball show that you can have a successful career and your family time simultaneously.

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