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Nikola Grbić entering hall of fame

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One of the best playmakers in the world, Nikola Grbic, the Olympic champion in Sydney was the guest of honor at the Avenue of Stars in Milicz. Find all relevant news from volleyball world on worldofvolley.com.


Nikola Grbic

What did you think when you were invited to the Avenue of Stars in Milicz?

I thought that perhaps I am getting older and maybe it is time to retire…I’m joking, of course. In fact, I accepted this invitation as a great honor, and the most pleased me that I was honored along with my brother Vlado (Vladimir Grbić – ed.). I am convinced that we were invited to the Hall of Fame thanks to performances in the national team. I must admit that my emotions are heightened.

It’s hard to watch the match from the stands?

It’s a very strange feeling. But I took this decision, I had to finally give way to the younger players. For years, I gave everything I had to the national team, I gave my whole heart, I’ve spent a lot of time. I do not regret it, I’m proud that I was able to be there. Appearances in the national team enriched me with lots of great excitement, fantasy games, and much knowledge that I will keep forever. It was one of the most beautiful and the most important periods in my life and for this reason the national team, regardless of the results, and the one who will lead it, will always be close to my heart.

Now you are being more emotional than you show on court?

On the pitch I always try to control the emotions, hiding them deep under the skin. But here I could afford a little cloying. It is not only about the fact that I watched the national team form the stands, but here is what has happened in the lobby – plenty of exciting encounters with people who, like me, love volleyball. It touches the heart.

During a ceremony at Milicz your brother spoke beautiful words. He thanked his former idols and authoritarian hoping that now he and you will be such role models for younger generations. Is this your mission to fulfill?

Certainly yes, but not all players follow that. Many former volleyball players after moving away from the court, do not feel the need to be in the same environment. And I understand that. In my case it’s different. For many years, wherever I play, I recognize a lot of young coaches and volleyball players, who come to me saying that they follow my actions and that I am their hero. It fills me with pride, but also causes a sense of responsibility.

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