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New Trentino’s setter – Donald Suxho

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Donald Suxho is the man set to lead Italy’s heavyweight Diatec Trentino, through the coming season after most of the stars who helped write a more than unique success story – including three consecutive titles in the CEV Volleyball Champions League and four gold medals at the FIVB Club World Champs – left the group at the end of the past season.


Donald Suxho

Is there any place you can call home? Can you share some memories of the countries you have been to taking pros and cons from your experiences in Turkey, Greece, Russia and Argentina?

”Home for me now is Orange County; I live in Huntington Beach, California. Well, each country offers many different experiences. I really enjoyed Turkey and Greece for their food culture, Russia was extremely cold weather, but such powerful Volleyball, amazing athletes everywhere, young and old. In Argentina loved watching live tango shows and enjoyed very tasty steaks and great wines. Each country offered very different Volleyball styles and I learned a lot”.

Do you think that Italy is still the place to be for an elite Volleyball player? If so why?

”For sure, Italy offers full package for players: great gyms, food, easier travel, organized trainings, every team is very strong, and so there are no easy games”.

Trentino Volley has undergone major changes with many stars transferred to Turkey where Volleyball has become quite a lucrative business. Do you feel any pressure as you follow in the footsteps of Raphael, Osmany and Matey?

”There is no pressure, because I do what I love, and I am very excited to be part of TRENTINO Volley that has won so much recently. Main goals this season would be to create our group chemistry as soon as possible, train hard and smart, then results will come”.

Though you have played in many elite clubs, you never got to feel what the CEV Volleyball Champions League is all about. Are you looking forward to your debut in this competition?

”It is always great and better to play as much competitive Volleyball as possible, and the CEV Volleyball Champions League offers that. I am excited to play against some of the world’s best clubs and test ourselves”

At 37 years of age, you have traveled the world and already enjoyed a long and successful career. How would you motivate young boys and girls to take up Volleyball?

Most important is to love what you do, work hard, have fun and everything else comes alone.

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