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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Naz Aydemir – “I’d like to have child but not before Rio 2016”

by WoV

She is officially the most beautiful athlete in Turkey, one of the best players of Turkish National Team, but also funny, polite, romantic… we cannot find all the words to describe her but we know that she is Naz Aydemir Akyol.

Naz and Cenk

Naz and Cenk

In the final days of 2014, Naz is enjoying with her friends and family, but was also so kind to answer to our questions.

What will you wish at midnight on December 31?

First of all I will wish health, peace and happiness for me and my family. Also I will wish to reach all the goals that I aimed for myself in 2015. And then after all, I hope to have a long holiday as well (smile).

You married at early age, do you maybe have a plan to become a mother?

I got married at the age 23. It might be the early age to get married but when you know and feel that he is the one, you don’t need to think about anything else. I’d like to have a child but not before Rio 2016.

Who is princess or prince in your house?

Thank God I am lucky on this. I am the princess at home. My husband Cenk, makes me feel like it. We have a house keeper that does all the cleaning and cooking. And also, Cenk likes cooking. He bakes really nice cakes. All I need to do is to enjoy eating whatever he cooks (smile).

What is your favorite food which you prepare to your husband?

As I said, Cenk likes to spend more time in the kitchen more than me. He is very talented in cooking. I must admit that whatever he does he does it perfect (smile).

What is your dream destination to visit or live? And why?

I’d like to visit New York. I have been at many places. I love Madrid, Barcelona, Cannes….  But in the future, after a long career, we are planning to move to Bodrum for more peace and quieter lifestyle.

Do you have favorite place in Istanbul or Turkey?

I love all the places by the seaside in Istanbul. It makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. But Bodrum is my favorite city in Turkey.




Are you planning to leave Turkish league and try playing somewhere else?

Actually it was my dream to play abroad and to have that experience as a foreign player. But when I consider the quality of the league and the life standard, it doesn’t seem very tempting right now.

You are very beautiful and we saw many of your professional photos, do you plan to become a model one day?

I like photo shooting. It is so much fun and so different than my job. But becoming a model is not even an option. I just like to have and look at the pretty photos of myself. That’s all (smile).

Your favorite place for shopping is?

I prefer İstinye Park or Akasya Shopping Mall in Istanbul. But when I travel, it doesn’t matter where iz is. I just love shopping.

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you always wear?

Jeans and white t-shirts are my favorite pieces. You can combine them with sneakers or high heels and easily have a different look.

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