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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Tatiana Kosheleva – “I made the right decision by moving to Krasnodar”

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source: Photo: dinamokrasnodar.ru, fivb.org

Her summer transfer from Moscow to Krasnodar was one of the biggest in women's volleyball in 2014. Tatiana wanted new challenges, better conditions and most importantly - trophies. And, winning the Russian Cup showed that she is on the right track of achieving all goals.




Tatiana Kosheleva gave an exclusive New Year’s interview for WorldofVolley in which she spoke about all things which marked 2014 for her. Enjoy.

How did you decide to move from Dinamo Moscow to Dinamo Krasnodar?

“At the start of the season I still had a contract with Dinamo Moscow, but they could not fulfill the obligations from contract and I got green light to choose a new club. At the same time Dinamo Krasnodar sent me a very good offer, and I decided to change the club. Dinamo Krasnodar is a very good team, with good players and is well organized. They have big ambitions and I am pleased with my new team. But, I must mention that I still have good emotions to the people from Moscow, and we will always be friends.”

Looking from this perspective, do you think that it was the right decision?

“My decision was correct because I came to the very good team, with strong ambitions. I went back to Krasnodar and I’m not sorry because of that.”

Have you ever thought of playing somewhere else outside Russia?

“I do not care in which country I’m going to play. For me it is important to work with a good coach, a good team, and that team has big ambitions. It does not matter if the club is from Russia or from some other country.”




What can you say about the year of the National Team of Russia?

“Russian team had a very, very bad year. We failed to achieve good result and I am very sorry because of that. We had some problems with injuries, but that’s not an excuse, I still think it was a very unsuccessful year.”  

The most important competition in 2015 is the European Championship. What are your expectations?

“I expect that we repeat our great result from 2013 when we won the European Championship. I think that we have very good players, and that it is possible to win the gold again.”

You will remember 2014 by…?

“Unfortunately, the failure of Russian National Team is my biggest “impression” from the last year. I was very sad but I hope we’ve learned some lessons for the future.”

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