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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Zbigniew Bartman – “If I leave Poland, I will go to Asia”

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source: Photo: cev.lu

Do you know what was the greatest thing for Zbigniew Bartman in the previous year? Or, how much does he regret for missing the World Championship? Or where he would like to continue career? Find out all of that in WorldofVolley's exclusive New Year's interview with famous Polish player.




Do you regret because you haven’t played on the World Championship?

“I think that every player’s dream is to be part of his national team and to perform at the biggest tournaments. So the answer is yes, I wish I had played on the World Championship. Coach decided that he doesn’t need my service. My guess is I didn’t convince Antiga with my performance. But, it is over and my life goes on, now I am focused on club competitions.”

Do you think that you can be back in the National Team in 2015?

“I really don’t know. If I play good enough, and coach likes my volleyball style, anything is possible.”

We know it’s early, but do you plan to stay in Poland next season or you might move on?

“It’s very early to tell right now. Poland is a great place to play volleyball. I could leave Poland only to go to play in Asia. Asian volleyball is the only thing missing in my club career. I would love to learn Asian culture and style of life. So if I leave Poland this is the direction I’ll go.”

What things from 2014 will stay in your memory?

“A great year in Modena, where I made new friends and had an opportunity to play with great players.”

What is your wish for 2015?

“I hope to stay healthy and to enjoy playing volleyball.”

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