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Cristian Savani for WoV: “I would like to continue career in Italy”

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Cristian Savani is for sure one of the most successful Italian volleyball player. With 33 years he won everything that one player can win in career, but in the season which recently ended, he won four medals and was named for MVP of the Chinese league.

Cristian Savani - Olympic medalist

Savani – Olympic medalist

In the interview for WorldofVolley Savani talks about his career, plans, National Team etc.

Can you describe your season in China and Qatar

It’s been an amazing season! I’m very happy about this year in Shanghai. I truly believed in the project since the beginning, so I feel very comforting to achieve such an amazing result. I’m really proud to be the first Italian volleyball player who won an Asian championship. And it’s also an honor to be elected as MVP of the Chinese tournament for two seasons in a row. Furthermore, I won four medals, two gold medals and two silver medals during my experience in Qatar! So, I’m really satisfied! Those two years have been very challenging for me and my family, but in the end it was an amazing experience.”

What is your plan for the next season? Do you have any offer? Will you return to Italy or maybe stay in China?

I don’t know. I’m actually analyze some offers, but I haven’t planned my future yet. It would be a pleasure to continue the Chinese experience, I really enjoyed it. And I would like to come back to Italy, too. So… We’ll see.”

We saw that you have watched Italian matches in World League, what do you think about the team?

It’s not easy to back on track after the European Championship defeat. The Italian team needs a fresh start, and this is why Mauro chose a young and inexperienced group of talented players to rise from the ash. I’ve watched the game with Australia, and for what I saw, the team showed a good performance. It’s a long way to the top, Rio 2016 is coming, but all players are young and I’m sure they can make a very good team.”

How’s your health? How long will you play volleyball?

I can’t predict the future. I’m very well at the moment, both physically and mentally. If I had to go with my guts I should say I will play forever! In fact, the only thing I can say it’s that I still enjoy playing volleyball, I really do, and I will do all it takes to play it as long as possible.”

Do you have any unfulfilled wishes in volleyball?

I would like to share my lifelong experience with the Italian volleyball movement. I really would like to do something for my country and, in particular for the Italian volleyball. That’s it!


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