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FB INTERVIEW, Atanasijevic – “Zaytsev, you just need to change your hairstyle”

by WoV

WorldofVolley has made the first Facebook interview! The quest was volleyball star Aleksandar Atanasijevic!

Aleksandar Atanasijević

Aleksandar Atanasijević

Serbian opposite showed how much he cares about his fans. He remained as much as needed to answer all the questions on Facebook. We truly believe that fans aprecciate his effort. Here are the questions from the fans and answers from Aleksandar Atanasijevic.

What do you think about Bulgarian volleyball national team? Last season you play with Dobromir Dimitrov, this season with Velizar Chernokozhev and I can see you’ve been in good relationship with them.

“Bulgarians are amazing persons. I played with Dobri and now I play with Veli. They will be one of my best friends forever.”

Do you like reading and which kind of books do you like? What do you like the most about Italian culture and what do you miss the most about your country?

I have no much time to read, but I am trying to read as much as possible in my free time…Italian culture? We need 2 days to talk about that. They are the country with the longest history in the world.”

How do you feel now, after the injury?

I feel good but still not at maximum level. I am working hard, so i hope to be back completely soon.”

Are you still seeing Cupko? What model are your shoes? Do you consider playing in France in the future? Maybe in the TVB?

Cupko, always! I love that man! Shoes? Asics always. France is beautiful country so why not? Just find me a club there and i will come. You can be my agent,” suggests Atanasijevic.

What do you like most of Italy and what do you miss most of Serbia? What did your parents say when you started playing in Perugia?

I like almost everything here in Italy. It is a great country. And the good thing is that is close to Serbia, so I am not so far from my family. My parents were happy to see me satisfied and doing the job that I love.”

In which Italian teams you would like to play? Do you like Italian girls?

I am happy here in Perugia, so I am not thinking about other clubs. Italian girls are awesome.”

What is the situation about your injury and what do you think about Zaytsev, your new teammate in Perugia?

Finally I have no more problems with my leg, so I can practice with the team. And Ivan is a great person, one of the best volleyball players in the world, great personality, but he needs to change his hairstyle,” jokes Atanasijevic.

For how long you are going to play in Perugia? Is there a chance for comeback in Belchatow one day?

I have contract with Perugia until 2018 and I feel here like at home here. Maybe one day i will be back in Skra, it is the great club as well.”



Hi, do you like other sports apart from volleyball? I mean tennis, basketball or hockey?

Novak Djokovic!!! Tennis for Sure! I enjoy watching him play. That energy that he has, you can’t find anywhere.”

Do you know a middle blocker David Lee and what do you think about him?

Great player, and it is always difficult to play against him…one of the best in history.”

If you could be a movie superhero who would you choose and why?

Some hero that can stop the time.”

In how many languages you can swear? Are you still studying law?

I swear only in Serbian, it is easier like for me. I am still studying and I am 3rd year of the University…”

What is your favorite Serbian and Italian song? What is your favorite movie? How do you feel about Euro 2017 in Poland?

Favorite Serbian song. Difficult question. I like so many songs, but maybe in this moment some song of Vlado Georgijev. Italian, for sure Marco Mengoni – “Guerriero”. Euro in Poland, great thing…Poland is the best for organization.”

Please tell me what you think about Japan? Japanese volleyball, culture, and food?

I’ve been there few times and I would like to go there every year. People are so kind and I feel nice to be among Japanese people. Volleyball is improving every year. I don’t like the food so much. I am more for Italian kitchen. I need to stay longer in Japan to be sure for this!”

Do you like cooking? Rate your physical aspect and your ability playing volleyball (minimum 1 – maximum 10)!

“I am not able to prepare even pasta. But I promise that i will learn to cook. Or to find a girlfriend that will do it for me. My ability, let’s say 7-8.

One word to describe Sirmaniaci (fans of Perugia)?

Sirmaniaci. The best in the world, never ending inspiration to play good.”

The top 3 teams in the world right now, by your opinion?

Brazil, Italy, Poland, but there are other 10 almost the same level teams like USA, Russia, France…too many strong teams.”

Who is the greatest volleyball player in Italian championship by your opinion?

In Italian championship there are a lot of extraordinary players, so depends of the day. Sometimes, one of them decided the match, sometimes someone else does it. The good thing is that you always have to play with 100%.

You were in Iran to play World League. What do you think about Azadi arena when Iranian fans support the team?

I love them because they are cheering for the team with a lot of passion. This passion you can’t find anywhere. It’s always pleasure to play in Iran.”

What’s the strangest thing a fan has done for you? Do people recognize you when you go out?

Good question…Depends where. In Perugia volleyball is really popular so the people recognize us. In Serbia is a little bit different. People like sport, but not asking for autographs like here in Italy. Strange thing that fan has done for me? I can’t choose one specific thing, because i am really happy to receive a lot of messages every day. I made me live my dream.”

In which country you like to play the most when you are with Serbian national team?

Serbia, of course. We have always more chance to win the match in our country.”

Would you like to become a coach one day when you finish your playing career?

Coaching job is too difficult job for me. I get angry easily so better to find some less stressful job. But, never say never.”

How many sacrifices were necessary to become a player like you are today? What do you like to do when you are in Belgrade?

You need to work a lot and never give up. I am doing something that I love so I don’t think that I am making any sacrifices…In Belgrade, I love everything in that city, I was born there so it is always special to be at home.

Here is Atanasijevic’s message for the end:

Thanks a lot for asking me all those questions. It was a big pleasure to spend some time hanging with you amazing people!!! Your support means everything to me!!❤❤❤Hope to see you all soon. I’m sending you a lot of kisses and wish you a good luck❤14!

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