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CHN W: Is it possible that 37 points are not enough?!

by WoV

Believe it or not, but case of Daymi Ramirez confirms it is possible.




Cuban opposite made 37 points for Fuijan in a match against Jiangsu, but that was still not enough for a win!

Amazing individual performance was also presented in a clash between Bayi and Evergrande. In the winning team Junjing Yang collected 24 points, while Juliann Faucette dominated on the other side with 26 points.

Winners stage:

Zhejiang – Shanghai 3-0 (25-20,25-18,25-17)

Bayi – Evergrande 3-2 (22-25,25-23,25-15,18-25,15-12)

Tianjin – Shandong 3-0 (25-15,25-19,25-23)

Liaoning – Beijing 1-3 (22-25,25-18,21-25,21-25)

Losers stage:

Jiangsu – Fujian 3-2 (23-25,27-25,22-25,25-16,15-12)

Henan – Sichuan 0-3 (23-25,13-25,13-25) 

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