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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: Giovanni Guidetti – “We created something magical”

by WoV
source: Photo: vertexvolley.com

If you can have reinforcements in national teams than German women's squad got the big one.




Giovanni Guidetti, one of the best coaches in the world, decided to extend contract with German Volleyball Federation until 2016. In exclusive interview for WoV, Italian revealed what was the decisive factor for such a move:

“The new German President, Thomas Krohne, is really a great person with a great vision and big projects and is a big pleasure to keep working with him! Second important point, I really love my team and my staff. We created something magical in the last couple of years and trying to go to Rio with this magic group is a dream that I want to become reality”.

We asked Guidetti how important it is for some team to have the same coach for many years? Here is what he said:

“Until the coach is motivated to coach the same players and until the players are still motivated to listen the same coach, there is no reason to change! Sometimes is good to change, sometimes is not. It is all matter of motivation!!!”

Italian also commentated about chances of Germany on the following World Championship:

“We had a good drawing of lots. I believe we can play a very good World Championship and try to be one of the best 4-6 teams of the tournament. It will be very tough but we are tough too.”

For the end, we asked Guidetti which offers, apart from German, he also had on his desk, but coach did not want to reveal previous negotiations:

“I think it is not an interesting subject anymore.”

And he is probably right. The other sides can now only envy Germany.

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