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WoV in Florence – You are not Italian if…

by WoV

…if you don’t have a bicycle or a scooter!



WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


Have you ever wondered why the Italian people always look so good?

The answer is – they eat easy meal, drink a lot of coffee and vine, spend time outdors in a sunny locations and of course RIDE bikes!

Wherever you go you can see bicyclists and scooters. For them, there is no closed streets and they always arrive on time. For Italians, this is a normal thing, but when someone comes from abroad is always amazed by this fact.

WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


For Italians it does not matter if you’re young or old, big or small, in a suit or dress, even a skirt and heels, it’s important to ride a bike …In front of each company is parking for bicycles and general is not surprising to see the business people on bicycles instead of in some good car.

And what is more important, everyone who wants to ride a bike, they can rent one…

Who knows, maybe we rent one during these days in Florence!

WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence



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