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GP 2014: Weekend No. 1 – Brazil in front

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

The first weekend of Grand Prix Group 1 is over and it is time to summarize things.



The only team with maximum points is Brazil! Green and yellows collected all nine points out of games against Dominican Republic, Italy and China.

But, Brazil is not the only one undefeated, as Turkey also has 3 out of 3! Squad of Massimo Barbolini perhaps faced more difficult job as it had to beat USA, Japan and Russia! Two of those three victories came after a tie-break, so Turkey has 7 points.

Serbia and Russia, are also at the number 7, despite they are at the score of 2-1.

Recall that four best teams will advance to the Final Six, together with host Japan and the winner of Group 2. There are two more weekends two go…




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