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BRA M: RJX opens semifinal series with victory

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RJX and Vivo Minas opened the Superliga semifinal series. The home team RJX won 3:2. Thiago Alves, Marcelo Fronckowiak, Eduardo Dileo and Henrique commented the game. Alves got the Viva Volei Trophy. WorldofVoley brings you the latest volleyball news.


RJX – team

Thiago Alves got the Viva Volei Trophy.

We knew it would not be easy.We took a swung, but when we focused on point to point play, we got a good performance. And in the fourth set we went back to do it” said Thiago Alves.

The RJX coach, Marcelo Fronckowiak, also celebrated. “They were very comfortable in their main feature, which is a very good reception. We needed some balance in technical and tactical factors, but also in the emotional factor. When we got back to playing aggressively, and when we lifted our level of play, we won” said Fronckowiak.

Vivo/Minas coach also talked about the game. “There were details that decided the match. But we played against a great team, which in addition to great players, has a first-line technical committee. Both teams played a great match. Now we have two days to rest, to analyze the videos and get back to work. We’re still alive” said coach Eduardo Dileo.

Henrique said, that in Belo Horizonte, Vivo/Minas has great chance to tie the series. “We had a chance to close the first set, but they managed to turn the game. And we did not manage to stay calm and close the match in the fourth set. Now we will have the support of our fans at home, and it makes a difference. We need to turn this series” said Henrique.

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