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BRA M: Half Argentine, half Brazilian, Marcelo Mendez makes history in Sada Cruzeiro

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It's not easy for an Argentine to be accepted in Brazil, but when he reaches 3 finals in 4 years that makes it a lot easier. This is the case of Marcelo Mendez, Sada Cruzeiro's coach, the team that he once again led to the Superliga finals where they will face RJX.


Marcelo Mendez with his team

Are you comfortable working in Brazilian volleyball?

I made avery good decision to work in Brazil. I am very happy working here, I found a very good structure, and can work in peace and this is very important. Here are many players that are among the best players in the world. I am completely adapted and happy.

And the coaches? What do you think of Brazilian coaches?

Brazil has great coaches and I am very happy to work alongside them. We are in one of the best competitions in the world and I really feel very fortunate to be able to participate in Superliga.

How was your arrival to Brazil?

I arrived to an unknown place, where there were few foreign coaches and it was a different experience. But I always work to be successful and I had a good expectation when I came here. The first period of adaptation to a new country is very difficult, but I was lucky to work with good people, which was the most important of all. From now on, I want to continue working in Brazil. I’m very happy.

What is Sada Cruzeiro’s secret to reach three consecutive finals?

It is not very easy to explain. Brazil has many players. We have a good team, coupled with hard work, we make results.

In four years in Brazil, you got to the final three times?

I always enjoyed working. In the first year, I had good players. When they gave me the opportunity to choose players and form my coaching staff, the team continued to grow and we have reached three finals. Technically, the players in Brazil are very good.

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