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Brazil: SuperLiga FEMALE 11/12: Vôlei Futuro gets better than BMG / São Bernardo

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Vôlei Futuro (SP) had the support of the fans in the hall Plácido Rocha in Araçatuba (SP) and defeated BMG / São Bernardo (SP) with 3:0 in sets (32 / 30, 25/17 and 25/19), in the game starting at 1:21 a.m.. In comparison, the opposite Joycinha, who was valid for the third round of the tournament of Superleague 11/12 for women, was voted best on court and won the Trophy VivaVôlei.

SuperLiga FEMALE 11/12: Vôlei Futuro gets better than BMG / São Bernardo

SuperLiga FEMALE 11/12: Vôlei Futuro gets better than BMG / São Bernardo

“I am pleased with the victory, but the team could have done better in this match. Falter at times, but hopefully our team will grow more and more. We cannot swing against any team, because any misstep could mean the loss of three points that will be very important at the begining, “said Joycinha.

The pointer Fernanda Garay, of Vôlei Futuro, and the opposite Lia, of BMG / São Bernardo, also had good participation. Each hitter scored 13 times.

The center Dani Scott also talked about the and despite the negative result, was keen to congratulate the group.

“Congratulations to the victory of Vôlei Futuro . They have a very strong team, and as for our team, we failed to decide the first set. Then we fell. But our team is growing as a group and also has to receive congratulations, “said the American girl.

With the end of the third round of tournament, Unilever follows the lead of the competition with 38 points. With the victory, Vôlei Futuro reached 35 points and ranked second on the scoreboard. On the third place appears Sollys / Nestlé, with 34 points.

In the fourth round of tournament Vôlei Futuro has Banana Boat / Praia Clube (MG) as an opponent. The game will be on Friday (10:02) at 20h, in the hall of Praia Clube in Uberlândia (MG).

BMG / São Bernardo receive Sollys / Nestlé (SP) in the hall Baetão in São Bernardo (SP), also on Friday at 19.30. The match will be broadcast on channel Esporte Interativo.


With the errors in serve from both sides the game started. The first point in attack won Ju Maranhão, scoring 2/1 for BMG / São Bernardo. Vôlei Futuro recovered and, in the first half, got 8/6. When the team of Araçatuba won 14/9,the  coach Jose Alexandre requested timeout. With a good service Fernanda Garay,of  Vôlei Futuro maintained good advantage: 19/14. In return, Katya, a setter of the BMG / São Bernardo, made good services and intensified the game at 19. The confrontation was intensified again at 25/25 and 28/28. An attack of Joycinha closed the set with 32/30 for the hosts.

After a very disputable set, Vôlei Futuro came second with a strong pace. The girls on their court won 4/0 and forced José Alexandre ask for timeout. The teamof Araçatuba continued ahead with the lead of 11 points: 14/3. The team of São Bernardo responded by scoring five times and reduced the difference to 15/8. But Vôlei Futuro went better and won the second set with 25/17.

BMG / São Bernardo, dropped in the third set, but an attack of Paula Pequeno rised the game and made the result evenl 6/6. The team of Araçatuba went ahead with 9/8. With a  good performance of Joycinha the opposite, the hosts won in a superior manner and finished the set with 25/19 and the match witsets 3: 0 in sets.

Unilever Sollys / Nestlé, SESI-SP and Usiminas / Mines also won

In the first game on Tuesday, Unilever had good performance of Valeskinha the center and defeated Mackenzie / Cia with 3: 0 in sets (25/21 25/20 and 25/20) at 1:19 a.m.. In the hall of Tijuca Tênis Clube, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Valeskinha stood out and received the trophy VivaVôlei, while the opposite of the  mining team, Ingrid, was the best scorer with 15 hits.

At home, in the hall José Liberatti in Osasco (SP), Sollys / Nestlé defeated Rio do Sul with 3:0 in sets (25/21 25/19 and 25/13),in the game that started at 1:15 a.m.. Three players stood out of the winning team. The pointer Jacqueline was voted best of the match and took home the trophy VivaVôlei. And Adenízia and Hooker shared the position of top scorer of the game with 12 hits each.

The SESI-SP also got a win by 3 sets to 0 in the third round of tournament. The team played at home, had good performance of setter Dani Lins, the owner of VivaVôlei Trophy, and defeated São Caetano partially with 25/23 25/19 and 25/15 in the game at 1:24 a.m. game. The pointer Soninha, of the winning team was the top scorer of the game with 23 hits.

Usiminas / Minas needed five sets to defeat Macaé Sports. The team of Usiminas / Minas won with 3:2 in sets (25/14 25/21, 19/25, 24/26 and 15/11) at 1:21 a.m.in the game played in the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte (MG). The center of Usiminas / Minas, Dani Oliveira received the VivaVôlei Trophy and was also the top scorer by the side of Natiele of Macaé Sports, with 15 point each.

On Monday(06.02), Pinheiros and Banana Boat / Praia Clube opened the third round of tournament. At the time, Usiminas / Minas was better and won with 3:1 in sets (25/21 24/26, 25/21 and 26/24) at 2:03 a.m. in the game played in the hall Henrique Villaboim in São Paulo (SP) .


VÔLEI FUTURO – Ana Cristina, Joycinha, Carol Gattaz, Walewska, Paula Pequeno and Fernanda Garay. Libero – Stacy

The coach – Paul Coco

The players that entered the game: Ana Tiemi, Clarisse and Ju Odilon

BMG / SÃO BERNARDO – Katie, Leah, Bia, Dani Scott, Ju Maranhão and Ciça. Libero – Ana Paula

The coach – José Alexandre

The players that entered the game: Ana Maria, Renata, Thais, Sthefanie and Aline

SuperLiga FEMALE 11/12


6:02 (MONDAY) – Pinheiros 1 x 3 Banana Boat / Praia Clube (21/25, 26/24, 21/25 and 24/26) at 2:03 a.m. in the game in the hall Henry Villaboim in São Paulo (SP)

The leading scorer: Danielle (Pinheiros) with 21 points

TROPHY VIVAVÔLEI: Arlene (Banana Boat / Praia Clube)

07:02 (TUESDAY) – SESI-SP 3 x 0 São Caetano (25/23 25/19 and 25/15), 1:24 a.m. in the hall Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo (SP)

The best scorer: Soninha (SESI-SP) with 23 points


07:02 (TUESDAY) – Unilever 3 x 0 Mackenzie / (25/21 25/20 and 25/20) at 1:19 a.m., in the gym at TC Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Highest scorer: Ingrid (Mackenzie / /Cia do Terno with 15 points

TROPHY VIVAVÔLEI: Valeskinha (Unilever)

07:02 (TUESDAY) – Sollys /Nestlé 3×0 Rio do Sul (25/21 25/19 and 25/13) at 1:15 a.m. in the hall José Liberatti in Osasco (SP)

The best scorer: Adenízia and Hooker (Sollys /) with 12 points

TROPHY VIVAVÔLEI: Jaqueline (Sollys / Nestlé)

07:02 (TUESDAY) – Vôlei Futuro 3 x 0 BMG/São Bernardo (32/30 25/17 and 25/19) at 1:21 a.m. in the hall Plácido Rocha in Araçatuba (SP)

The best scorer: Joycinha (Vôlei Futuro) with 15 points

TROPHY VIVAVÔLEI: Joycinha (Vôlei Futuro)

07:02 (TUESDAY) – Usiminas / Mines 3 x 2 Macaé Sports (25/14 25/21, 19/25, 24/26 and 15/11) at 2:06 a.m. in the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte (MG)

The best scorer: Natiele (Macaé Sports) and Dani Oliveira (Usiminas / Minas) with 15 points

TROPHY VIVAVÔLEI: Dani Oliveira (Usiminas / Minas)


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