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BRA W: Walewska – “Girls joke that I have to wash their clothes”

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Walewska de Oliveira, Olympic champion from Beijing talks about her return to the team after a five year absence.



Five years after the last show in the national team of Brazil (while she was winning the final of the Olympics against USA) Walewska de Oliveira decided to once again play in the national team.

Earlier she repeatedly refused to return because she wanted to devote her time to the family, now, because of injury of Brazilian middle blocker, changed her mind and accepted an invitation from Zé Roberto.

– When I was playing for the NT, people asked me will I miss it? I said that I already won medals. I think that it was the right decision in that moment. I wanted to play outside the country, I spent several years in Russia, and it was hard to connect to a game in the league and staff and family life. The tournament in Japan is short, less demanding, yet long wondered before the final decision – explains Walewska. – We have four equal competitors in the middle of the grid, so my responsibility on the field will be smaller than in the past and I will not have to play all the time. The group is a lot of the players from my club. This prompted me to return.

The Coach of the Brazilian national team, due to the short preparation period, he decided to put the more experienced players, who are ready to play. 

Walewska, 34-year-old volleyball player, acknowledges that the training center in Saqueramie much has changed since she was there last time and the first day needed a map and compass to navigate. How did you adopted with younger colleagues?

– I hear some talk behind my back, some jokes, but for the moment it ends. I try to be vigilant. At the airport Fabi said to me: ‘Well, now you can take my stuff out of the room and wash them’ – Brazilian laughs. –  I look like a freshman, but I try to make up the experience. I feel great respect from colleagues, even though the majority of them had never played.

Fabi is very pleased with Walewska returnig, because now, she is no longer the oldest player in the group:

– Finally, someone I can give preeminence. I hope that she will be with us for a long time. Seriously speaking. I believe in her talent and that she will do well. I know that everything will be fine.

Olympic champion from Beijing has not decided yet whether it is a single return, or will be in the national team for a long time. 

– I do not have any concrete plans. I’ll see how it all comes out. If I feel good, I’ll stay. I hear voices that next year is the World Cup, which is a very important tournament for us. But for this reason, do not impose any pressure on myself. I am in constant contact with Zé, so for sure we will talk about it.

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