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BRA W: Praia Clube forms dream team – Fabiana and Jaqueline on radar

by WoV
source: Photo: globoesporte.globo.com/ Lucas Dantas / SESI-SP

Praia Clube has high ambitions for the next season, so club is doing everything to strengthen the roster.



According to Brazilian media, Praia Clube has already started negotiations with Fabiana, middle blocker of Sesi, while the second priority in the transfer period is Ana Tiemi, setter who played in Romania in this season. Also, the club will allegedly try to add Michelle Pavao (Brasilia) and Priscila Daroit (Sesi) to the roster and to keep Daymi Ramirez and libero Tassia.

But perhaps the biggest name from the next season’s plans was revealed by the club’s agent.

We do not have anything to announce yet, but we are interested in big names such as Fabiana and Jaqueline…”

So, Jaqeueline Carvalho is also one of club’s wishes… It will be pretty interesting to follow transfer situation in Praia Clube this summer. 


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